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Deep Purple, Cologne September 19th
From UweSchnier@aol.com
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 21:12:04 +0200
Subject: Deep Purple, Cologne September 19th

How many Deep Purple shows do you need to get addicted? Possibly one if you've been in Cologne last night. And no matter how much you get there is no chance to overdose. Before the show I met some friends to get there together and Elmar showed us some video from the Harald-Schmidt-Show the night before. It's a german late night show and it is produced in Cologne and they got the band doing Smoke live in the studio, some chat with Jon (his german is really good !) and finally some bars of Ted to end the show. That got us in the right mood for the Sporthalle where the band started at 9:20.

Set list:

  1. Fireball
  2. Ted
  3. Pictures Of Home
  4. Black Night
  5. Cascades
  6. SIFLS
  7. Woman From Tokyo
  8. The Aviator
  9. Rosa's Cantina
  10. No One Came
  11. SOTW
  12. WABMC
  13. SK


  1. PS
  2. Hey Cisco
  3. HS

They gave us 2 hours of 150% and above, what more can I say? Incredible. Perfect sound and everything. After the end of Black Night the crowd continued singing for a few minutes before Steve led us into his quiet opening for Cascades. It was especially his night, every solo was absolutely brilliant. His duets with JL or IG were great, too. After Rosa's Cantina my good friend Juergen watched IG giving his harmonica to a girl in the front rows. JL's solo was vaguely based around the Smoke riff, wonderful. Again, Speed King got the lullaby intro and developed great that night.

It was a wonderful show, certainly among the best I've ever seen. Personal highlights were Pictures Of Home, The Aviator and No One Came.

Hope to get some more in a few days...


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