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Deep Purple in Heidelberg 27.09.96
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Deep Purple in Heidelberg 27.09.96
From: jan.nab@ody.rhein-main.de (Jan Stengel)
Date: 28 Sep 96 11:35:00

Hi All!

Yesterday was the day they played in Heidelberg - Eppelheim. Well, this ain't gonna be a review of the concert, I can't do things like that, just want to tell you how I feel about it.

The Rhein-Neckar Halle seemed to be sold out. When the light went out it started to boil immedeately. The setlist seemed to be same as in Braunschweig,

5 days ago. At the beginning it seemed a bit to loud, sound distorted (right expression for it?), but got better with time.

Playing was even better than 3 years ago (Battle rages on tour, I saw them in Kiel). I just stood and watched Steve Morse (first time I saw and heard him live) --- well, I am a Blackmore fan, but Morse has definitely no negative effect on the band. He is a real positive influence for DP and I must say he isas good as Blackmore (I don't know much about technical stuff of guitar playing, just talking about the way they play and how it sounds). He seemed to have real fun playing in Heidelberg (as all the others did, too), he seemed even to have lots of fun playing the old, Blackmore related songs. He nearly smiled all time... :-) (Well, so did I).

For me this was a great concert!

... Jan

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