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DP in Braunschweig (Germany), Stadthalle on 23.09.96
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Review: DP in Braunschweig, 23.09.
From: G.Backer@tu-bs.de (Gerriet Backer)
Date: 24 Sep 1996 10:13:27 GMT

DP in Braunschweig (Germany), Stadthalle on 23.09.96

Again a suupeeerb show! The setlist wasn't changed except swapping the order of No One Came and Rosa's Cantina - IG announced RC, all looked astouned, JL started, then stopped again and then they played it.

But it all started as usual with

  • Fireball - awful sound but got better afterwards. At last IG was clearly audible!
  • Ted - better sound.
  • Pictures OH - '...contents of Rogers pockets..'
  • Black Night - with long guitar solo
  • Cascades - ending with a very Morseish guitar solo, simply astounding
  • SIFLS - my fave of _|_
  • WFT - good instrumentals
  • The Aviator - long awaited but then ... the bass way too loud killed the song. '..again this is not what it seems to be, not a song about a pilot, but about a man taking a drink'.
  • Rosa's - found myself singing it since then
  • SOTW - long organ solo with Vivaldi: Spring (from 4 Seasons) and some stuff I didn't know. Jon was great.
  • WABMC - awesome
  • Speed King - '...lullaby from...' with drum solo


  • PS - good
  • Hey Cisco - Speed Metal version
  • Highway Star - a perfect ending

IG's voice was better than a long time ago. He did some SKOW-like guitar-sing-along during two songs. Steve plays the old stuff with even different; but he didn't smile THAT much during the show. JL - the sleeping princess has been awakened!!! Paice and Roger giving it all. Just, the audience was a little bit cold, especially during the _|_-songs.

Gerriet Backer

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