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Deep Purple in Deinze (Belgium) oct.6 1996
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Deep Purple in Deinze (Belgium) oct.6 1996
From: Fedor de Lange <f.delange@mail.uva.nl>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 18:25:06 GMT

Yesterday, Deep Purple played their final European concert of this year before they'll fly home in order to meet family and have rest for two weeks. It was a great final! Very inspired Purple, with loads of musical jokes. Common setlist:

  • Fireball
  • Ted the Mechanic
  • Pictures of Home
  • Black Night
  • Cascades: I'm not your lover
    • Guitar solo Steve
  • Sometimes I scream like drinking (as Gillan introduced it)
  • Woman from Tokyo
  • The Aviator
  • Rosa's Cantina
  • No One came
  • Smoke on the Water
    • Jon Lord solo
  • When a blind man cries
  • Speed King (11 minutes!)
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Hey Cisco
  • Highway Star

length: about 115 minutes

The sound was perfect and the music too. During the intro of "Hey Cisco", Steve played the melody of "Hush", but the rest didn't feel to play it. The "Smoke.." intro was fun. Pieces of "Crossroads" and "Foxy Lady" were thrown in by Steve. Roger played the "Peter Gunn theme" in the intro of "Highway Star".

It's unbelievable how they play, really. Gillan seemed a little absent with his thoughts, as he asked 'what is this?' several times when they had to start another song. My first DP concert was in 1991 with JLT, but (and I've heard the live stuff of the years before) I've rarely heard them better, more enthousiastic and more inspired than this year, 1996. I'm sorry if this is all said before, but it's just the way it is. Or maybe I should write something more negative to keep you Americans gazing with your chin on your shoes later this year. :-)

Ok, this was the 5th time I saw them this year, spread over the months march, june, september and october.

It might be a little pity that the setlist remained more or the less the same, but we've got other songs to come in the next tours! ;-) Besides, it wasn't totally unchanged after all: Bloodsucker, Purpendicular Waltz, Somebody Stole my Guitar, Maybe I'm a Leo were skipped, but we got more 'jams', The Aviator, and the medley during Speed King. Thumbs up to Deep Purple for bringing the ultimate concerts to Europe -at least in my experience- and I'm sure the victory-tour will continue in Japan and in the States.

Roger, (Weldam, amdp-lurker) arranged me a backstage pass from Colin (as something had gone wrong with my name at the intrance) and I had a change to talk to Steve and Roger. Steve said that once in a while he plays the melody of Hush, but the others refuse to play it all the time. It's a song Steve would like to add to the setlist.

Roger signed a picture of both of us, (taken in Hannover), and I asked him if it was certain now he would have to play in Detroit on his birthday. He more or the less confirmed it. Roger left for a second and returned with his camera to make a photo of us 'groupies' :-) He jumped at the table, so some of us started singing: "Dancing on the taaaable!" Big laugh. Roger: "Thanks guys, at home I'll use this for throwing darts. I'll let you know which one got the most hits"


[And Fedor has more to tell us... - Svante)
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Purple (slight return)
From: Fedor de Lange <f.delange@mail.uva.nl>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 18:25:09 GMT

On the way back we passed Brussels, so we decided to stop by Purple's Hotel, as Colin had said before whether we would like to have a drink over there. Short talk with Jon, and soon everybody except for Colin Hart went to bed. The next day, he and Steve would fly to Orlando, whereas Ian Paice and Jon would fly to London, IG to Bristol and Roger to NY. All to meet again in Japan on the 23rd.

Colin told some things, which might be interesting:

  • After the Northern American tour, there's just a tiny chance that about five other dates might follow in the area of Florida and Atlanta. (So see them now!)
  • All Japanese and US dates will be taped by the band, just 'for the archieve'. No immediate live album plans.
  • Rough plan:
    January and February 1997: Write new songs
    March 1997: Possible South American tour (Colin said "Possible"!!!) ;-)
    April - ? 1997 : Record new album in Florida

Oh ja, I asked how they managed to get the sound of the ventilator which preceeds Fireball. He said it's just the album version, but that it was not an ventilator starting, but the sound of an elevatorshaft, (aha! I can see a fireball coming up!) which they taped probably in an Hotel in Chicago in 1971. He was very happy with the current situation, and told the story of how Ritchie made clear to DP that he was about to quit the band, which was amuzing. It got the feeling Colin was not too fond of Ritchie. :-)

Again, a great evening.


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