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Ijsselhal, Zwolle, 21st Sept 1996
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Re: DP in Zwolle - another review
From: macbeath@museum.u-net.com (Doug MacBeath)
Date: 23 Sep 1996 22:31:05 GMT

Ijsselhal, Zwolle, 21st Sept 1996

Set List

  • Fireball
  • Ted...
  • Pictures of Home
  • Black Night (with a bit of Sing-a-long -a-Morse)
  • Cascades (With Morse solo)
  • WFT
  • The Aviator
  • Rosa’s...
  • No One Came
  • Smoke...
  • Lord Solo
  • Speed King (with Drum Solo, Not Fade Away, Battle of New Orleans, My Aunt Nelly; Vocal/Guitar bit)
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Highway Star

(total time about 1 hour 50 ?)

From the start, this show had to be good, after all, I’d just come all the way over from Edinburgh to see it. I needn’t have worried. They band were in great form, and Gillan is singing better than ever. Morse come across stronger now, happily moving around stage, and usually with a huge grin on his face. In fact, the only time he isn’t smiling is when he is concentrating on some of the harder tunes - and none of this grimacing that other guitarists seem to do during solos. The Highlight of the show had to be The Aviator - my favorite track from _|_, and the one new song in the set. It’s just a pity that the set is shorter now. In fact, as they missed out Hey Cisco, at some of the UK shows, they played up to five more songs. But the longer vesion of Speed King (12 minutes), with its jams etc more than made up for this.All in all, the band are a lot tighter than they were at Brixton , (the last time I saw them), but at the same time, a lot more relaxed. Because of this, the old in between song fooling around is making an appearance again. When they finally hit the USA, I think you guys will see the band at its best! (and possibly the best that any Purple has been since at least 1972 IMO) Two final notes, Lord’s solo now leads into Blind Man by playing Dvorzak’s Symphony for a New World (or whatever its called). And IP has lost Tiddles, and now wears a bandana - has he been reading the latest amdp threads ;-)

Finally, a massive thanks to Fedor for getting me that all important ticket, and to him and the other amdp-ers for making me feel welcome in that strange land with no hills We’ll have to do it again someday

Doug MacBeath

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