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Re: DP in Zwolle
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Re: DP in Zwolle
From: Dave Hodgkinson <daveh@thehighwaystar.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 96 19:52:14 GMT

Thanks for saving me the trouble of reviewing it! What I can add is that:

Steve is just on another planet to the rest of us. He is the most amazing, brilliant guitarist who ever walked the earth, but remember, it took our guys to bring out the best in him! He has really blossomed since the album was recorded and since I saw him in Brixton.

Apparently we were deprived the full three-encore set because Sequoiyah ran late (everyone I spoke to didn't like them, but I've seen worse) and the band felt they didn't get much feedback from the audience. I tried to explain that from where I was standing people were just dumbstruck with loopy smiles on their faces. So remember people: you gotta earn those encores!

The highlight for me is still Cascades. Ian sings it with so much more feeling than in the studio and the whole thing live makes the album version sound downright poppy.

Alex said about Steve's squeaky metal-style sound. Firstly, when you're in the sea of distortion that's a cranked up PA, then it's those high frequencies that cut through and bring the melody out. The amazing thing is when he does it as part of an illegally fast arpeggio and picks a tune out as well. There's also the idea floating about that Steve has the spectrum of his guitar set so there's a nice hole in the midrange for Jon's organ (ooh-er!). On a boot, you don't get the feeling of the bass trying to punch a hole clean through you.

Thanks to the all the guys at the bar beforehand for making me welcome!

By the way, some guy with a bandana gave me a listen to the Paris gig that the had brass section and that really rocked! Live release? Don't hold your breath.


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