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Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, United Kingdom
November 14, 2004

Star Wars Missing in Action!
It's 9.30pm the house lights are down, we've heard Thunder rabble rousing, Frampton reminiscing but the full house waits for Purple rocking as they have done on every one of the dates of this Bananas tour that has visited 38 or 39 countries as Ian Gillan reminds us after launching into a blistering Silver Tongue.
The sound is superbly mixed from where I am - right balcony with a perfect view of the action.
The set remains unaltered as per previous nights and it is a real pleasure to hear the band blues it up with Demon's Eye. Steve is crisp and clinical, Roger is enjoying it like never before (sorry).
I turn to mention to a friend that Don will launch into a Star Wars piece and the place will thudder with reverberation, but no a short melodic interlude of piano followed by Perfect Strangers. I asked Don what happened and he explained that three keyboards had packed up on him. Thank the Lord it wasn't the Hammond!
This band are having fun and are due back in the studio in February, and you will be hard pressed to see a more honest hard working rock band that plays with sincerity for their fans. Who could not but enjoy finishing a set with SOTW and have the whole Cardiff CIA arena raising the roof.
The band encored with Speed King and Uli Roth joined the band for Black Night albeit with connection problems to begin with.
This band takes a year touring break now so if you missed them then let's hope they bring out a live Bananas to make up for your misconceptions
Dave Bonner

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