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Palace of Sports, Kharkov, Ukraine
October 29, 2004

Silver Tongue
Women From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind Of Women
Demon's Eye
Knocking At Your Back Door
Contact Lost
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water


The Deeps Of Purple's Music
Any time I'm listening to Deep Purple I can find something new. Any time I'm listen to Deep Purple's concerts I'm listenig to great improvisations. Any time I'm listening to new live records I'm listening to something fresh. Any time I was at a Deep Purple concert I can't stop thinking about it for a long time... The last one it was the same.
I can't explain all of my emotions in a few words, that is impossible! I'll try to say the main.
Don Airy have played a lot of improvisations. Classics, some folk songs and marches from the USSR times. I couldn't even tell when the next quote started.
Steve's solo was amazing. It was started Contact Lost and then... I can't remember all.
Ian Gillan's voice still strong and clean. Ian Paice's sticks still the fastest. Roger Glover's bass guitar is real bass guitar!
I can't understand, how DP can play music with such energy! When they played Smoke On The Water the whole crowd was singing with them when Gillan stopped singing. To the word“Smoke” the light was grey with yellow, to the words “on the water” the light was blue, to the words “fire in the sky” the light was orange! Very impressive.
After the concert I got three autographs (Don Airey, Steve Morse and Roger Glover).
I wanna new DP show! Wellcome back, to the Ukraine, wellcome back Kharkov!!!
With gratitude,
Yuri Puchkov


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