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Palace of Sports, Ekaterinburg Russia
October 7, 2004

First of all I'd like to say that Ekaterinburg was the first city in the Russian-Ukrainian Bananas tour. Everything started when the flight from the UK was canceled, so the musicians and their crew had to take different planes to Moscow and then to Ekaterinburg. Before the press conference it was announced that all the musicians had arrived except Roger Glover and we wouldn't see him at the conference, but he would arrive later.
The press conference was quite animated and interesting. Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey answered different questions by representatives of the local media. After the conference they were given some presents by Russian admirers.
Deep Purple was two years ago first time in Ekaterinburg and everyone who like this band was waiting for their next gig in our city. The live show of Deep Purple has a great significance for all fans here, because it was impossible to see them here or anywhere else in Russia some years ago. This time and two years ago I was at the concert with my dad and he told me that during the show the shivers were running down his spine, just because it was incredible for him to see the live show of the band he always liked. Because of my parents I was raised on such kind of music - on music by excellent musicians.
The gig was great! People of all ages were jumping, smiling, singing and raising their hands - a wonderful view where everyone was happy. Of course I could tell you the details of the show, but everyone knows how the band works and there are no doubts that their performance was perfect.
After the concert my sister and I had a wonderful chance to meet the band, to chat to them a little bit, to take photos and to get some autographs. It was great to talk to them twice in two years. I have to say that they are very benevolent and easy-going people, especially Steve, Don and Roger.
I was ready to say goodbye to the band, but unexpectedly we were invited to have dinner in the restaurant with them. I couldn't believe first that we could go with them, but it was real. I have never had dinner with a rock band before! So the next few hours I spent with Deep Purple and it was the most amazing time I will never forget...
There are so many different kinds of music nowadays, but rock music hasn't grown old after all these years and it continues to develop. I'm happy to mention that the musicians of this legendary band keep on rocking and it seems like they are much younger than they really are. With every new visit to Russia Deep Purple gets new fans, so we are waiting for the next tour in Russia and of course in Ekaterinburg!
Thanks for the opportunity to share our stories with other people!
Julia Ahmetshina


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