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Reno Hilton Amphitheatre, Reno, NV, USA
Sep 2, 2004

I took my husband to his first concert in 24 years last night. It was a great show!
I can remember when I was about five or nine years old my father would crank Machine Head and I would run and lock myself in the bathroom. It really scared me! Now I finally got to see them live and what a treat, these guys are great musicians and performers. I feel blessed that they came to Reno for this exceptional show.
I know that the turn out was really sad, but I think it had alot to do with Burning Man in Black Rock. A lot of the fans were out there I'm sure. Too bad for them because this show rocked!
Hats off to these men that have been rocking for approx 40 years. They still kick ass!

First off, the wife and I opted for the platinum tickets and I'm so glad we did. We were sitting 4th row center, right in front of Ian Gillan.

We arrived just in time for Joe Satriani's set, and boy was it amazing. His fluidity of expression never ceases to impress, and this performance was no different. At one point a string broke on his guitar, and what did Joe do? He just kept right on playing - and it was excellent!
After a short intermission, it was time for Deep Purple. The set list was pretty much the same as previous shows...with the band playing three songs from Bananas plus the classics.
What still amazes me about this band is how incredibly happy they are on stage. You'll never see a group of performers smile so much. Their happiness was infectious.
Just a couple of things I'd like to mention...
Steve's playing was at it's usual standard of excellence, and the Steve/Don back and forth dueling was marvelous. Don has really earned his place in the band.
Also, there was a bit of Steve and Roger jamming that was incredible. After they had finished, Ian walked out from the back and mouthed the words "Now what have you two been up to?" It was very funny.
Ian sang great, and it's such a joy to hear him sing all the old favorites plus the Bananas songs, which in my opinion have become classics.
I was also quite pleased with the inclusion of Speed King as part of the encore. This was the first Deep Purple song I was ever exposed to way back in 1970.
Well, the show was over, but the experience wasn't. Buying the platinum tickets intitled us to go backstage where we met everyone, got autographs, and also got our picture taken with the entire band. (And it turned out great!)
There is a reason why these 'lads' look so happy on stage. It's because they really are happy, and this showed backstage. Friendly and gracious, and they really care about what their fans are thinking. Great fellows, one and all.
This was a very special night for me as I got to fulfill a childhood fantasy. As I was shaking Ian Gillan's hand, I looked into his eyes and said something I've always wanted to say to him: "I've been waiting to meet you since 1970. Thank you for all the pleasure you have provided me." It was a very moving moment, one I will never forget!
A fantastic evening...
Rich & Lucy Franz

I took my son to see Deep Purple at the Reno Hilton. He is almost 15, and has seen Deep Purple three times now with me. I have seen them six or seven times total over the years. We were both at the show in San Francisco in February, so the set list was familiar, but a little different than that leg of the tour. The break in the middle of the show has been removed, and they only do three-four songs from Machine Head now. The rest of the show was a mixture of older DP and the new Bananas material.
The Hilton Ampitheater holds about 10,000 people, and it appeared to me to be slightly better than half full.
It was a very memorable show. My son and I were Platinum Ticket holders, so after the show, we were escorted backstage to meet the band. What a wondeful time! There were only six of us to go back to meet the band, so we got to spend a fair amount of time with everyone. All of the guys were very upbeat and very gracious about meeting everyone and spending time chatting a bit with all. My son is still flaoting about six feet off the ground. He got autographs from all the guys and has been handing them out to his guitar teacher and his friends. Nice treat for a ninth grader. They took our photographs with the band (which they send to you later via e-mail), we chatted a bit more, then they had to start cleaning up as they were heading for L.A. that night. I should also add that Steve spent a fairly long time talking to my son about guitars and playing. He was really impressed to say the least!
Anyway, after the excitement, we adjourned to the bar inside the Hilton and were having a drink and trying to calm down. My son went up to the room. About 15 minutes later, Ian G and Don Airey showed up at the bar and had a drink with everyone and chatted more with all the fans roaming around. The guys were tired, according to Ian, they had been at this 18 months straight now, and at least in my mind they were due a well deserved break. They must all be exhausted! About 12:45 the night wound down, they climbed on the bus and headed for L.A. leaving a lasting impression on everyong that night, including a floating 14-year-old.
This was a night I will remember forever, and I should add that if anyone who reads this ever gets a chance to meet the band, do so, you will not regret it. They are all very much gentlemen and really appreciate the fans that support them! Keep rockin' guys!!
Allen R. Crumm


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