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Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada
Aug 10, 2004

Silver tongue
Wwoman from Tokyo
I got your number
Strange kind of woman
Knocking at your back door
Contact lost /
Well dressed guitar
Perfect strangers
Highway star
When a blind man cries
Space truckin'
Smoke on the water
Jam - Black night

Well, the Boys came back to town! and I'm not referring to Thin Lizzy!
Deep Purple returned to our fair city after 2 years and as if to prove to all the hacks and pseudo rock bands, proceeded to rattle the rafters loose from the Bell Centre. From the open licks of Silver Tongue to Montreals' introduction to Don Airey ( complete with a bit of Beethoven and Star Wars), the band settled in to prove what should be obvious to everyone; these guys are the best at what they do. I've seen this version of Deep Purple on several occasions and would have to say that this was the best, the tightest, the most relaxed I've even seen them. The hype prior to the show stated that they would be playing the entire Machine Head album. Well, hopefully the boys have not forgotten how to count because 3 track were missing (Pictures of Home, Maybe I'm a Leo and Never Before). I guess this is the edited tour. But I can't really complain. Having them play Montreal is reward enough.
Outstanding hilights; Woman from Tokyo - The last time I've heard this song, it was starting to sound a bit tired. Not last night. New life was breathed into this classic Bananas - This should be destined to become part of their their regular play list - Outstanding! Contact Lost/ Well Dressed Guitar - Finally!!...I get to hear this live!!. Definetly worth the wait Highway Star - For me, the absolute hilite of the night. Amazing rendition, total energy. If this doesn't do it for you.
It was good to hear Silver Tongue, I Got Your Number and Bananas from the new CD.
The set list hadn't really changed from what I've been seeing on the Highway Star Review pages . They dropped POH,MIAL, NB. For encores - Hush and Black Night
Joe Satriani was not on the bill - too bad.
Gary Poronovich

The tour kicked off here in Montreal last night. Joe Satriani, who's playing all the US dates (and Toronto), was not scheduled to appear at the Montreal show or tonight' show in Quebec City.
Thin Lizzy kicked off with their typical greatest hits set and didn't disappoint (although the reviewer in our local paper disagrees with me). I was worried how the crowd would react to the band, as this version of Lizzy has never played Montreal, but response built throughout the show and John Sykes was visibly pleased with the way the band was greeted. They played for 45 minutes (7:30 to 8:15), and the band consisted of Sykes, Scott Gorham - who has lost at least twenty pounds and is in awesome shape, Michael Lee - who was an absolute monster on the drums, and a bass player I didn't recognize but who I believe was Randy Gregg.
The set list was:
Waiting for an alibi
Don't believe a word
Aare you ready
Cold sweat
Bad reputation
Cowboy song
The boys are back in town
The band also hung out for Deep Purple's set and watched/cheered on Purple from the side of the stage. The two bands seem to have great comraderie and this made for a great night.
Being the first night of the tour, there were some technical difficulties and there was a 45 minute break between Lizzy and Deep Purple. There were also some pretty nasty thunderstorms and power failures in Montreal yesterday, so that may have caused some of the delay.
In any case, Deep Purple hit the stage at 9:00 and played for and hour and forty-five minutes. The set alternated between new numbers from Bananas (which you should rush out and buy if you don't own it) and hits. Deep Purple were overwhelmed with the response they received, as the entire crowd (except a couple of lard asses in the front row) were standing and singing all night - Ian Gillan made that known on several occasions by thanking everyone for their "good vibes". I've seen this version of Purple many times, and this may have been the best - they just seem to get better with age. Each musician i a virtuoso in his own right, but they give each other the space to perform whch leads to some great musical improvisation. Ian Paice, Don Airey, and Steve Morse each did short solo spots which were entertaining and not overbearing; Roger Glover was solid as a rock, as always; and Gillan, adorned in white pants and shirt and barefoot looked like he just came from yoga class. Gillan amazes me, as despite his age he sings effortlessly with no effects on his voice. The only singer I've ever seen sing so well without "help" is Ronnie James Dio.
One final positive note was the attendance. I had heard that not many tickets had sold in the first week of being on sale, but there must have been a late run on tickets. The final attendance was reported as 6,400 - excellent for a rainy Tuesday night in Canada.
Great show; see it if you can. I'll pay to see both of these bands for as long as they're touring.
Perrin Wolfson

We arrived at the Bell Centre nice and early - 6:30 p.m. in fact - to see Deep Purple with Joe Satriani and Thin Lizzy at the Bell Centre in Montreal. A visit to the t-shirt stand (and a tear in my eye when I saw the price of the tie die tour shirt... but in hindsight I should have bought one anyway), one or two cold ones and then we made our way to our seats to see Joe Satriani.
To my surpise Thin Lizzy took the stage at 7:30 p.m. OK, so Joe Satriani will go on before DP right? I enjoyed TL's set, which has been repeated in many reviews so I will save everyone some extra reading. TL left the stage around 8:25 p.m. or so. I figured that JS would take the stage next and made a quick escape to the refreshment stand. When I returned to my seat around 8:45, it was clear that JS was not on the bill. The techs were unveiling Ian's drumset. Hmmmm, too bad that Joe wasn't there but this could mean a longer set by DP?
At 9:00 p.m. the houselights dimmed and 6500 people went 'Bananas'. The opening song was Silver Tongue which went over extremely well with the crowd. A few sound glitches with Don Airey's keyboards were sorted by the end of the first song.
The band's level of energy was sky high. I believe they have had a few week's off before starting this leg of the tour and it showed. Ian Gillan was in fine form, from Knocking at Your Back Door to the screams in Lazy he sounded great. Roger Glover was in a great mood and interacted frequently with the crowd. His bass playing was, as usual, spot on. Steve Morse's guitar work was nothing short of amazing. The guitar sound he was getting from his Musicmans (I think he switches three times) is probably the best I have ever heard. I especially enjoyed his playing on on Contact Lost. Don Airey was perched above his colleagues with what looked to be a Hammond organ ( in from below) and a Kurhweil (probably misspelled that) above the Hammond. There were also two more keyboards to the side. Behind Don I spotted two huge Leslie speakers (fans spinning away). I honestly believe there is only one keyboardist who can stand in for Jon Lord and his name is Don Airey. During his solo he covered several different styles including classical, ragtime and yes Star Wars. When Don Airey traded licks with Steve Morse, it sounded like he'd been in Deep Purple forever. Ian Paice was... well... simply put Ian Paice. Rock solid as ever , Ian Paice is the rythym backbone of Deep Purple and his performances are nothing short of perfection.
The show ended to the thunderous applause of 6500 fans going 'Bananas' again. After the show I had the honour and priviledge of meeting Deep Purple. All of the band members were very generous with their time, pausing for photos and signing, signing and signing again. There were quite a few teenagers present and it was evident that the Deep Purple following does indeed include today's youth. I was able to ask Roger Glover about Joe Satriani's absence and he said that, unfortunately JS was not on the bill for the Montreal and Quebec City shows but would be joining DP and TL for the balance of the North American dates.
I have been a fan of Deep Purple for over 25 years and have been very fortunate to have seen the band on many occasions. I can honestly say that I have always come away from their shows with a renewed appreciation for their musicianship and song writing genius. Last night was no exception.
Thank you Deep Purple.
D. Nichols

Deep Purple Vibrant - review by Montreal Gazette


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