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Pavillion Theater, Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center, Gilford, NH, USA
Aug 13, 2004

My 14 year old son and I took a road trip from Virginia to New Hampshire to see the DP show Friday evening. In short it was a fantastic show.
First of all, the opening acts. Thin Lizzy played an energetic 30 minute set of their hits. They did a good job of getting the crowd worked up. I'm not a big fan of Thin Lizzy (I positively loathe The Boys are Back in Town) but they were fairly entertaining despite a poor mix that made their lead guitarist barely audible through a good portion of their set.
I've always liked Joe Satriani and he and his backup band were extremely tight. The crowd really wasn't into Joe and to be honest his set lacked diversity and while I appreciated his talent, I was glad when his set ended.
The Deep Purple set was pretty much the same as their European gigs. A few interesting tidbits:
Don Airey played the Simpson's theme along with his normal keyboard solo intro to Perfect Strangers
Big Ian sang three 50s songs during Speed King: Dreams, High School Hop and Now or Never
I haven't seen Deep Purple in person since the reunion tour in 85 but I've heard or seen numerous post Blackmore live sows via CD and DVD. This was absolutely the best I've heard Big Ian sing since the 70s. He was hitting every note. The version of WFT was the best live version I've ever heard the band perform.
The crowd was a little tentative at points but by the end of the show the entire crowd was on their feet.
Roger and Little Ian were there usual fantastic selves, laying down infectious grooves all night.
Steve was absolutely fantastic. and Don Airey was tremendous.
My son got a pick from Steve and we were able to get Big Ian's autograph after the show.
We watched Speed King and Hush right up against the stage during the encores. The bands interaction with the crowd - the obvious joy they demonstrate as they plow through this great music - it was absolutely the best live rock performance I've ever seen.
My son had the thrill of his life and so did his dad. If you get a chance to catch this tour DO IT.
Chip Tarbutton

They never cease to amaze and entertain! What a great and fun show!
I have seen DP many times and with various line-ups but they always put on a first rate show.
The stuff from Bananas was excellent and truly belongs along side classics like Highway Star and Perfect Strangers. I like Silver Tongue as the opener and HS moved to the heart of the set. Speaking of HS, they played a great version of it this time. Much stronger than when it was the opener. The interplay with Steve and Roger as a lead in to HS was great fun.
Highlights for me were Well Dressed Guitar. Steve is truly amazing and when the rest of the band kicks in with the classical based riff played to a heavy rock beat it just blows me away. Also a killer version of Space Trucking! Ian Paice was on fire.
The last time I saw them at the Beacon in NYC, Ian seemed a little tired, maybe he was not feeling 100%. Last night, even in the heat and humidity, he was fantastic. His fast and crisp style and all the nice fills that are his trademark were there. Speed King was another great of drum work. It was great to see Roger stretch out and solo. His bass sound these days is excellent. The solo was a true showcase of bass playing skill and he still jumps around the stage like a man in his youth.
Don did a piano solo that blew me away! His hands were moving so fast and with such accuracy! The Hammond sounded great as well.
Ian Gillan is just one of a kind. He worked his arse off in this show. The man never lets up. It was hot, he could have taken it a little easy but not Ian Gillan. He was swinging the mike stand over his head and singing with abandon ; ) No, the high register is not as strong as it once was, but he does not tip toe around it. He just attacks every song and does his flat out best. I really admire him for that. He is the real thing and what you see and hear is Ian Gillan. His voice still carries over the band and he is still a great frontman.
The show was well attended and the crowd was on their feet. Thanks for another great show guys!
Frank Fitzgerald


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