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Spirit of Music Festival, Stadion Bucholz, Uster, Schweiz
July 2, 2004

Silver Tongue
Woman From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind Of Woman
Knocking At Your Back Door
Contact Lost
Well Dressed Guitar
Don Airey's solo
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water

Black Night

Es war super mega cool!
Ich war jetz schon zum 6. mal an einem Konzert von euch und es wird immer besser!
Dieses mal war ich mit meiner Kollegin, meinem Vater und meinem Onkel dabei. Meine Kollegin war das 1. mal dabei und sie konnte es fast nicht fassen dass, das so gut war!
Meine Kolegin ist 13 Jahre und ich bin 12 Jaher wir waren am Gitter bei Steve und haben so richtig die Sau raus gelassen!
Am meissten hat uns gefallen wenn Steve uns angelacht hatte!
Ich fand auch alle Lieder richtig super. Aber was ich ein bischen schade fand das ihr PICTURES OF HOME nicht gespielt habt. Das finde ich eins von den bessten Liedern!
Aber alle kann man ja nicht spielen!
Morgen werde ich auch in Montreuxs sein ich freue mich schon riesig darauf da ist dann SMOKE am wichtigsten!
Warscheindlich werde ich wieder am Gitter sein!
Auf jeden fall fand ich es toll.
Liebe Grüsse aus Der Schwez
Ronya Bösch (12)

What a day in Uster at the Spirit Of Music Festival!
After nearly 30 years a local event agency tried to create again a new open air pop-rock-festival in the region around Zurich...and it seems that they had enough success to continue next year!
Opener was a local band called The Beverly Hills Flop...playing covers from the 70s and 80s very well.
Then followed Manfred Mann and his Earth Band...playing about 1 hour their greatest hits in a fine and precisious way. Then arrived the Scorpions performing a program of their new album mixed with their greatest hits. At the end of their show we got a heavy rain shower but the mood of the 17000 spectators was unbelievable! Next band was Status Quo which was playing their famous hits and some other unknown songs about 90 min without any rain shower!
And then, the highlight of the evening: Deep Purple entered the stage
I've visited about 30 of their gigs from 1972 till today....and everytime I'm glad to listen to their music and to look to their show again. They played this gig like nearly everywhere: without any mistakes and in an unspectacular way. Ian and Roger built the basic for Don's various and rhytmic organ solos, for Steve's 'well dressed and played' guitar and for Ian's clear voice. The boys seemed to have fun, as Roger and Steve played a new spontaneous intro to Highway Star that I've never heard before. Also Don tried to modify his organ solo a little bit as he didn't play the star wars theme but a marching theme. As always in the last years they finished this gig with Roger's bass solo and some other improvisations at Black Night.
I'm missing some of the older titles in their program like titles from the Abandon-album, but I think it's impossible to play a regular set about 2 hours at this kind of summer open air festivals. I hope that I'll get the chance to see another gig in the future!
Greetings to all band and crew members and fans


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