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Schwung 2004, Roeselare Hallen, Roeselare, Belgium
July 8, 2004

Silver Tongue
Woman From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind Of Woman
Knocking At Your Backdoor
Demon's Eye
Contact Lost
Well Dressed Guitar
Keyboard solo
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water

Black Night (incl. Hit The Road Jack)

As last year Deep Purple was the top act on the Swung Festival in Belgium, and they did great.
It is not easy to play after a pure (and also still fantastic) "ambiance" band like Status Quo, but the band I saw first live just over 30 years agoo is still the best there is. A lovely mix of musical artwork and "jumping" rock.
"Contact lost" written by Steve after the last spaceshuttle desaster forced the audience in emotional admiration.
Of course Highway Star, Woman from Tokyo, Smoke on the water and Black night were great for all of us "eternal Purple Lovers", but the solo from Steve in that "Contact lost", and the solo of Don (showing a great self confidence as Jon Lord successor) prooved this band can be a top act for years to come.
I was even closer to the stage than last year, so I could clearly see a band enjoying themselves.
Anyway this was a great day for a 50 year old fan (myself), who attended this concert with his three sons!
Werner Lefebvre, Belgium

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Review in Dutch

I had the impression that this years' fesival drew less people than last year. Or it could be that last year more people were outside because of the real nice weather then.
I had a look at the T-shirt shop. Man! These things are getting more and more expensive! € 30 for 1 T-shirt! But… as usual, I bought one. Though I have seen, and owned, nicer ones before.
I wanted to see Status Quo live. This was my first time; and, man! They were great! This is - apart from Deep Purple - by far the best gig I have ever seen! The atmosphere was great! Nice to see old people (older than 46 J) in the audience, playing air guitar.
11:10 pm - Some noise and Silver Tongue. A guy next to me asked who the guitarplayer is, he never saw nor heard him before.
Woman From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind of Woman. Ian had some difficulties to reach the high tones.
This is the first time that I write so little in a Deep Purple review. The playing was kind of routinely.
“The title track of the new album”: Bananas.
Knocking At Your Back Door. Again I had the impression they were on automatic pilot. I have seen Purple now for the 21st time, and I am afraid this is one of their worst ever. All the songs are played too short, without any real solos.
Then the surprise of the evening (well, not, as I knew it already cos of the internet) Demon’s Eye. Not bad, not bad at all.
Contact Lost which switched over to The Well Dressed Guitar. That was by far the highlight of the evening. The crowd really was enjoying this, I noticed a man who was standing in awe.
Don Airey solo which was the prelude to Perfect Strangers.
Highway Star
Space Truckin’
Smoke without his radio intro
At 00:26 the first part was over
One minute later:
With a Roger Glover solo, which was one of the best I heard him do. By now things were getting better and more real Deep Purple like!
Hit The Road Jack
Black Night Good one!
At 00:43 it all was over.
People were satisfied with the Purple gig. I was glad I saw them again, but sadly it was all played too routinely.
Michel de Pourq

This was the third time in little over a year that Deep Purple played in Belgium.This was the best of the three concerts. The band is in the middle of their tour and much more warmed-up than the previous times.
As usual a mix of old classic songs and brand new tracks from Bananas.A high class performance from each member, even if Ian Paice does the strict minimum (which is already a lot), and doesn't do any solo.
The beginning of the concert was marked by technical problems for Ian Gillan, who finally threw (out of anger) his microphone to the stage-tech (on Morse's side) during the middle part of Woman from Tokyo.Very scary!
The main surprise for die-hard fans was Demon's eye, played right after Knocking at your back door and introduced as "Sweet Lucy was a dancer, but none of us would chance her because she had a demon's eye,...or two, or maybe three...".
Deep Purple remains the best live act with a perfect balance of technique and feeling.
The only thing I regret (and a lot of the fans do) is the lack of variety in the set-list...Some material from Purpendicular and/or Abandon would certainly be appreciated...
Phil Brussels


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