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Convention Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
April 17, 2004

Silver Tongue
Woman From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind Of Woman
Knocking At Your Back Door
Contact Lost
Steve Morse's solo
Well Dressed Guitar
Don Airey's solo
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star
Doing It Tonight
When A Blind Man Cries
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water

Hit The Road Jack
Black Night

The show was absolutely fantastic, this band just keeps getting better and better with each year.
From the first cut off the album Bananas, the band rocked and the crowd gave love in applause and whistles, etc.
They played four tracks off Bananas to start with and the crowd loved it.
Steve Morse played a touching rendition of Contact Lost, the song for the lost crew of Coloumbia.
Highway Star continued into a very funny version of Hit The Road Jack with the words "I love my ma, I love my pa, I love my little we wee, sometimes I sit and play with it while I'm watching TV."
All the shirts were sold out except one colour, maroon.
The faces on the crowd as they left the venue said it all, very happy and satisfied.
How could you not love this band.

When I first heard the news about Purple coming to Brisbane I was really excited about the venue they were playing for this Up Close And Personal Aussie tour. This venue has great seating and the concert gave me the feel of what Purple would have been like during their Power Force in early 70's. I was really excited to hear as well that they were doing their current stuff from Bananas and also Machine Head.
Silver Tongue - What a great song this is, very clever opening riff from Steve got everyone's attention immediately. I can see this song sticking long time live. The rhythm section was tight and the band had all smiles and fantastic timing.
Woman From Tokyo - The great thing with Purple is that every song starts with a different style/instrument. This song is set by the great heartbeat timing from Ian Paice. Steve stuck to the albums solo, and Ian Gillan showed the full capacity of his talent, Silver Throated Screaming Vocalist.
I Got Your Number - Great to hear another new song. Roger and Steve having a great time with the crowds reaction to the new material.
Strange Kind Of Woman - The classic trade mark from Made In Japan. By this stage the crowd were content and tapping their feet along to the punchy riff. [Obviously sheer Purplemania there! ;^) Rasmus]
Bananas - Another new song which I can see being a stayer. Don gave the vibe that his part of being in Purple is about having great fun. With this vibe coming through to myself big time.
Knocking At Your Back Door - Steve, I thank you for being consistent to the sound of this track from the late eighties. Ian Gillan is 110% fantastic with this number. This song has the clean sound of great guitar and vocals to a heavy rhythm section. This was the best song of the night for that lead guitar, clean but heavy sound.
Contact Lost / Morse Solo / Well-Dressed Guitar - If you do want the definition of what a Rock Star is, here is your answer "Steve Morse". Thanks Steve for showing us what the great sound of the Musicman can do. My friend and myself were just totally in tune listening to every technique of the lead guitar played in one song. Thanks for driving Deep Purple through a great decade, and being so damn good.
Don Airey Solo - The classical stuff was awesome, Waltzing Matilda was expected and cool. Hey Don, next time play the lead from Burn and get us really waltzing. No better guy for the job at all . Don gets the thumbs up with the fans for sure. Mark 8 is solid as a rock.
Perfect Strangers - Ian Gillan was fantastic and Don played his organ intro really heavy into this track . This song live had everything to offer from the heavy guitar riff from Steve, to Ian's powerful voice. Hearing this live is real excitement plus!
Highway Star - Much excitement here as hearing it from Machine Head for the first time. Ian Gillan can still prove with his vocals at 59 that he was the one who would influenced so much. Ian sang this like it was brand new.
Doing It Tonight - A great song , which I wasn't really didn't expect much excitement from. The crowd enjoyed Gillan's different style of vocals.
Lazy - Machine Head full force - Don playing full respect to Jon, and the crowd paying full respect to Don. Ian Gillan playing great harp and sounding great with the lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy screams.
When A Blind Man Cries - This shows the full capacity of this band. Ian Gillan is the man! He sounded very good and gave us the full feeling of this tune and Steve's guitar was a true match. I know it's history, but it's the same kind of feeling with Blackmore/Coverdale with Mistreated from California Jam.
Space Truckin' - Another song to get things rockin'. Roger plays this with great timing and Ian Paice splashes on the cymbals as per the album. This song was all smiles from band and crowd.
Smoke On The Water - Steve went from Space Truckin' to Smoke in one continued riff. The whole crowd was on their feet and heading towards the stage. Steve playing the same chord formations we love from our other past legend we love. Everyone knows someone who plays the opening riff.
Hush - The crowd was still standing and dancing and I was happy to hear a song older than me. Ian Paice is the backbone of rock history! 1968-2004 what the f...!? Thanks heaps, Purple for keeping your great band alive and kicking!
Bass/Drum jam / Hit The Road Jack / Black Night - The rest was great with Gillan, but Ian sang this as if it was from 1971. Then Purple quickly cut to Black Night for a single in one quick session, and scream it right now.
Rock concerts don't get much better than this. It doesn't get any better than Steve and Ian's vocals. I really enjoy everything about Purple and especially hearing them live again. The only thing I wished happened was they still played Never Before, Pictures Of Home and Maybe I'm A Leo, with at least a couple of songs from Abandon (esp Almost Human and Seventh Heaven), and Purpendicular (how can they drop Ted The Mechanic and SIFLS?). I know we can't be greedy but please play us another tour that's got everything.
Thanks Deep Purple for coming three times within five years!
Dave Chakley

This was my first Deep Purple concert, and it was really good! I it was amazing to see Gillan, Glover, Paice, Morse and Airey live, they are extremely good musicians.
The concert started first with Billy Thorpe and his band, I've never heard of them, and I was not interested in hearing that band, I was there to watch my rock heroes Deep Purple. Billy Thorpe played one cool song, a new song, but the rest of the songs I did not enjoy.
When Deep Purple finally started, they began with Silver Tongue. It was so great to see them live on stage, I couldn't beleive it, actually seeing them live for the first time.
Everytime they played a classic Purple song, the audience started singing along, clapping their hands, and you could see that the audience really enjoyed the classic ones much better than the Bananas songs. I especially liked Knocking At Your Back Door and Perfect Strangers, those songs sounded so good live, and I've never heard them with Morse on guitar, but they sounded really cool with him.
Steve Morse must be one of the best guitarists in the world, his sound and playing technique is amazing! And he looks like a real rock star too! When I heard him playing guitar solos, I started thinking about how bad the guitarists are today. Bands like The Strokes, The Vines, Blink 182 etc.. they are just too simple, they just play simple riffs, they don't know how to really play guitar, like Morse does.
Over to the Bananas songs, they sounded great too, and I wish they'd played Sun Goes Down and Haunted too. I sort of felt they could play more songs, the concert felt a bit short. They could have added SIFLS, The Battle Rages On, Fireball, Demon's Eye and Into The Fire.
Instead of having that Billy Thorpe guy as a warm up band, I would prefer a DP cover band playings songs from the Mark3 and Mark4 line-up, as the current line-up probably will never play songs from those line-ups. [How much is Con & his boys paying you? ;^) Rasmus]
All in all, this was a great concert, and Deep Purple sound amazing live. It was great to see there were so many young people in the audience.
I can't wait to see Deep Purple live again.


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