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Fort Canning Park, Singapore, Singapore
April 10, 2004

Silver Tongue
Woman From Tokyo
I Got Your Number
Strange Kind Of Woman
Knocking At Your Back Door
Contact Lost
Morse Solo / Well-Dressed Guitar
Don Airey Solo (incl. Rasa Sayang - Malay trad. music)
Perfect Strangers
Highway Star (incomplete song with short drum solo)
- 20 minutes wait for repairs of failed equipment
Doing It Tonight
House of Pain
When A Blind Man Cries
Space Truckin' (with short drum solo)
Smoke On The Water

Bass/Drum short jam / Hit The Road Jack
Black Night

My 3rd Deep Purple show, and my 3rd submission to thehighwaystar.com.
The weather was kind but humid.
There was better control of entry to the venue this time, and the ticket ushers allowed us to go in at around 6.40pm. Coming early, me and friend managed to find a place on the front of the field against the railings dividing us from the VIP area. There were two types of tickets on sale this year. The VIP ones costing S$160 and the peasant ones costing S$55. But, the VIP enclosure was small and so the peasants like us who came early managed to get very near to the stage and settle down on the grass.
Very nice and friendly atmosphere, especially since its a Saturday night, and everyone basically settle down well on the sloping field. By 7.50pm basically the whole field was full. It's as near to sold out as possible. Estimate of 7000 fans from all ages, teenagers to the veterans, all ethnic groups representing the Asia community, I even notice a couple bringing their little boy of about five in the VIP area, but fortunately it seems he's wearing ear plugs.

7.55pm - 8.20pm - The first opening band of the night, SingleTrackMind, during the introduction, we were informed they are made up of Malaysian and American musicians.
My feeling is, their music is more suitable to open for Michael Learns To Rock [Oi! Danish editor takes offense! ;^) Rasmus], and their music competing on the radio with Black Eye Peas and the likes. The singer is trying too much to sound and pose like a Jon Bon Jovi, and he did the most unoriginal thing. Remember Rod Stewart displaying his football skills and kicking footballs to the crowd? Well, this guy did it too, unfortunately, he should practise his kicks more, if he wants to continue doing this act. Not much positives to write about this band, and the boos and a loud yells of "bullshit" from someone in the crowd sums it up real well for SingleTrackMind.

8.25pm - 8.50pm - Second opener by someone named Riki Hendrix, a 2nd cousin to Jimi Hendrix. This guy and his backing band gets a warm response from the crowd, because he knows he's there as an opening act, less talk, getting the crowd on his side by saying he is a huge fan of Deep Purple too and we are there to see Deep Purple. He just let his music do the talking. Very energetic and moving around the stage displaying good showmanship which pleased the crowd. A nice moment when he played some solos to the tune of Star Spangled Banner and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

9pm - The band we came to see appears. Ian Gillan was again wearing that very nice traditional looking clothes, and barefoot.
Silver Tongue - Nice opener, the band looks so relaxed, though it seems not much of the crowd knows this track.
Woman From Tokyo - Only into the 2nd song and the greatests hits are already spilling out, the crowd laps it up. Ian introduce this song as something about one of his old girlfriends. Moments into the song, Ian Paice drops his left drum stick but managed to pick up a new one without any noticeable miss of beat.
I Got Your Number - Another new track and it shows how easily the Bananas songs slot into the set. Again introduced as a song written for another of Ian's girlfriends which made the crowd laugh. It sounds fantastic and the slow portion at the middle of the song was sung by Ian very well.
Strange Kind Of Woman - They didn't play this track on the last tour here, so it's nice to hear it. The few days rest before this show seems to have an impact on the band, they are smiling a lot, and Ian voice is fantastic so far.
Bananas - I guess by the end of this song, many in the crowd are already thinking of checking out the new album, if they haven't done it. Another good live song, with a lot of chances to sing along, if you know the words.
Knocking At Your Back Door - By this time, Deep Purple has been really entertaining, full of energy that leaves the crowd breathless. And when Don Airey starts that magical intro to this song, the war has been won. Many in the crowd remembers this samurai classic, and Ian Gillan should not have bothered to sing the chorus as the crowd is doing it for him.
With Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming not played tonight, I smiled widest and sing loudest on this track.
Contact Lost / Steve Solo / Well Dressed Guitar - Ian introduced the two instrumentals by first saying how they wrote Well Dressed Guitar for some award show, which unfortunately they did not win after the judges saw their band photo. LOL! But he also hightlighted the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the impact it has on the band who plays a part in that mission. Basically, the instrumentals and solos give the crowd a chance for a breather. Wonderful stage light show during Contact Lose. I love it.
Don Airey gets the spotlight next with his solos... A fantastic rendition of the Star Wars tune, and again a lovely surprise. A short instrumental of the old Malay folk song "Rasa Sayang", which he also played on the last tour.
Perfect Strangers - What a song, what a response from the crowd. Arguably one of the most popular tracks since the 1984 reunion.
Highway Star - When Ian Paice starts his drum pattern for this, the roar of the crowd is immediate, it's time for some loud singalong session. The crowd is really into it, but something strange happens. During the second solo, a roadie walks over to Roger Glover to inform him about something and after Steve Morse does that famous melodic solo riffs, but the band suddenly stops playing except Ian Paice who immediately proceeds to do a drum solo. After a bit he throws his drumsticks into the air and the band leaves the stage without saying anything.
The crowd is unsure of what's going on. We realise the stage crew is working on some equipments on Roger's side of the stage. It takes another 10 minutes before the restlessness and shouts from the crowd are settled when a roadie came to the mic, and informed that some transformers were damaged.
After 20 minutes of agony, with the least worry being that Deep Purple may cut short their set, or worse still, stop their show, the band appeared. Ian Gillan apologised to the crowd, saying that the problems have been solved though the sound may be different due to changes in the channelling or something.
A concern during this time was a few childsize beer can-shaped rubber balls that were being thrown around. And a few of them were thrown to the stage by the fans on the VIP area. It's nice to see Steve Morse joking with one, as if he's opening the huge rubber can and drinking it, but I worry that the balls can easily hit and damage or topple over Ian Paice's drums. Fortunately, the band's crew was alert and removed the balls without returning it to the crowd.
Highway Star was not replayed which would have been nice, but the band moves on the next track.
Doing It Tonight - A song that is really groovy, and won't seems out of place in a dance floor atmosphere. Fantastic.
House Of Pain - Another song from the new album. Six new tracks played tonight and this proves that Deep Purple is ever moving forward and not relying on old glories. Unfortunately, no Pictures of Home. Again.
Lazy - The instrumental at the start gives the crowd another breather. Especially those whose been singing along. This song always give a chance for anyone to move around a bit.
When A Blind Man Cries - A ballad that everyone knows. The singalong is intense, and some lighters are held aloft. I always prefer if Deep Purple replaced this song with some other slow tracks like SIFLS or better still Wasted Sunset or some new slower numbers from Bananas.
Space Truckin' - A favourite of my friend who was with me, and I am sure this song puts a lot of smiles for the older fans. Another loud singalong on the chorus. Ian Paice did a short solo on this number.
Smoke on the Water - A song that gets the loudest cheers, the loudest singalong, everyone is raising their hands in the air. The band allowed the crowd to sing some extra chorus on the end of the song. Always a highlight when this song is played. Afterwards the band thanks the crowd and leaves.
Hush - The crowd really let it rip on the 'na na na's of this track. A crowd favourite.
Ian Paice and Roger then played some short jams, and Ian Gillan proceed to sing Hit The Road Jack.
Black Night - Just as the song begins, it's fantastic that the crowd knows what song it is and jumps straight in to singalong to the melody line. Every time the melody line appeared was a chance for some final round of loud singalongs that is really incredible for a Singapore crowd. Another big highlight of this show.
That's it, the show ended at 11.15pm. Over two hours of Deep Purple live.
I think this is the best of the three shows that I have seen them since 2001. They just keep surprising people with their live show and showmanship when we keep talking about how their age might affect their performance.
With new albums being made, many new songs being introduced to the live set, proof that Deep Purple is not a nostalgia act. It may be a letdown when some of our favourite DP tracks are not played, but to hear new music at these shows make Deep Purple as relevant today as they were since their beginning.
Will Deep Purple come again to Singapore? I hope so. The size and response of the crowd should give Deep Purple the idea of the level of support for them in this island.
Ian Gillan in his "I thaaaaaank you's" did say he hopes to see us again and how fantastic and wonderful we have been. Though I think he says that at every gig.
I wish Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey the very best of health so that they can continue to tour and come back and play for us again.
Thank you to LAMC Productions for bringing in this band and letting 7000 people have a memorable evening which will be remembered. It was a really enjoyable evening, and most importantly, the ticket prices were very affordable.
To those who have yet to see Deep Purple plays on this tour, please do so when they come to your area. They are awesome.

This was the third time DP played in Singapore.
DP came on stage at 9pm. Ian Gillan was dressed up in his 'meditation' white outfit and barefooted. This time the stage and lighting was really marvelous and the backdrop was bananas.
Silver tongue is the first song. 7000 strong crowd at the Fort Canning Park and it's almost a perfect night until a technical problem occurs. The delay takes 20 minutes and causes some disruption. Some fans get anxious and throw bottles into the stage. Others scream for refunds! When they resumed, Ian Gillan said,"We burned the transformers".
The fans really rock the oldies song and some shaking on the Bananas track. I enjoyed Contact Lost, Well Dressed Guitar, Perfect Strangers, KAYBD, Space Truckin, SOTW and Black Night.
The show ended at 11pm.
Thank you DP.
Saini Masidi

Wow! Deep Purple did it again - but only better this time round!" Yes, Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey again did not disappoint. Don by now has blended very well (though no one can really replace Jon Lord). Steve upped the sex-appeal quotient of the band with his drop-dead good looks and sexy guitar picking style.
The band is tighter than ever - DP is like good wine : the older they get, the better they become. Unlike last year's concert at the same venue, this time round they came by like a breath of fresh air with new material from their latest album Bananas. Great solos too by Paice, Steve and Don - and Roger with his 1000-watt smile which completely lighted up the stage.
Silver Tongue displaced Woman From Tokyo as their fave opening number. Good choice as it gave a real kick to a start of a great evening. There are other new stuff which including I Got Your Number, House of Pain, the Bananas title track, etc. As with all concerts, the crowd needed a little warming up to the new material. It will take time before they become classics like the 80s Perfect Strangers and Knocking at Your Back Door - which are now staples in DP's concert repertoire - played alongside the 70s magic from the Machine Head album - Highway Star, Smoke on the Water, Space Truckin' and Lazy.
It was a near perfect evening - except for a technical problem with the sound system one hour into the show. It left the crowd in limbo for some 20 to 25 mins when the band just left the stage without a word. 'Short concert,' some thought. However, never short-changing the fans, the band more than made up for it when they came back with a vengeance and played like men possessed.
As before, rounding up the concert beautifully with the very infectious Hush and Black Night which drove the crowd into a frenzy. It ended on a brand new high.
It is also heart wamring to note that a classic rock band like Deep Purple is truly versatile, in that it is now attracting a new cross-section of younger crowd to their concerts and, gee, many were able to sing word-for-word along to the 70s classics!
My friends and I had a really great time and came out near deaf as we were up front next to the speakers. Once again thank you DP. I personally hope the band will include Never Before
and Pictures of Home (and put back Speed King) on their play list the next time round.
Han Chiaw Juan, Anthony Ow, Evelyn and friends


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