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Lotus Pond, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Bali, Indonesia
April 14, 2004

I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity, I had to catch Deep Purple in Bali also. I met them in the hotel where they stayed nearby the venue when they just arrived from the airport. I took pictures with them. They are my heroes since 34 years ago! (Speed king was the first track I loved).
was my first time coming to this place. The dramatic square open air Lotus Pond. is surrounded by enormous limestone walls with the Wishnu as a backdrop. This place is a really great place for big rock concerts.
The crowd was about 3000 people, and about 1/3 out of them were foreign tourists.
I was lucky attending the show, they added three songs not played in Jakarta; House of Pain, When A Blind Man Cries, and Hush, but dropped Haunted. The show itself was fantastic, Glover and Morse kept smiling, Gillan's voice still fine, even though he tried harder to reach high notes, but pleaseeee do not compare with Made in Japan, he was still 27 years old that time, now 59!

During Airey's solo, like he did in other countries, he inserted local song, a Balinese traditional children's song. The encore, they played Hush, Hit the road Jack, Black Night. During Morse's solo guitar in Black Night, the crowd screamed imitating the guitar sound. What a wonderful event, it reminded me of DP Live at the Olympia 1996.
I could see Gillan looked so exhausted after the show, his white shirt got all wet, but he looked so satisfied doing the show. I could understand why Paice doesn't do long drum solos - he had to save his energy, and he kept it stable till the last minute of the show.
Lastly, I strongly hope if they come again, please play Picture of Home and some tunes from Purpendicular and Abandon, pleaseeeeeeee.
Come again!
Indra Kusuma


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