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T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
November 17, 2003

Highway Star
Strange Kind of Woman
Silver Tongue
Knocking At Your Back Door
House of Pain
Lazy (incl. Ian Gillan harmonica solo)
Contact Lost (incl. Steve Morse solo)
Doing It Tonight
Space Truckin´
Well Dressed Guitar
Perfect Strangers (incl. Don Airey solo - Má vlast by Smetana, Star Wars)
Smoke on the Water

Hush (incl. Roger Glover and Ian Paice solo)
Hit The Road Jack
Black Night

Silver Tongue was the first newbie of the night, and sounded excellent. Gillan started his famous ramblings, this time about kissing the Blarney Stone. The band stretched out a little at the end, which was also a nice touch. I actually prefer that band add their improvisations on the newer material or different classics and give us the punchy versions of SKOW, Lazy, and Space Truckin' for a change.
Brendan Johnston - read Brendan's full review

I had already been to four Deep Purple gigs in Prague, but this was the first time I stood just in the front row. And it was really fantastic seeing the band playing so unbelievably well and with such smiles on their faces. Mr. Gillan was singing as he was 25 and spread a good mood all around as well. The same did the rest of the bend.
I have seen many shows in my life, but there is only a few of them, which has such a friendly atmosphere as the Deep Purple one in Prague. I mustn't forget to point out Ian Paice and his drumming - still one of the best drummers, with an incredible groove...
The playlist was OK (and as I remember the same as in Hungary), I just missed Haunted, which they played on all the shows of Bananas Tour before the Prague stop. I was looking forward to hear Pictures of Innocence as well, which is from my point of view the best song on Bananas, but the other songs from the new album were fine as well.
I was leaving the arena with very intensive and positive impressions. It was one of the best gigs, I have ever seen. I hope they will come back again, never mind their age...
By the way, while it is quite usual to get a drumstick or pick from the band, this was the first time, I saw somebody getting a whole cymbal from the crew after the show!

Ian Gillan, the witty singer, gives me quite the cackle, as I have never heard him get the words completely right to Highway Star, in the many shows that I have attended. I wonder if it could be that even at sold out shows, no one knows the difference, or cares. I do. As the tunes continue on, Ian Gillan dances and prances, with a sparkle of the devil in his eyes, twinkling ever so brightly above the bare feet below. Then after a spine tingling Well Dressed Guitar, the angel in him appears, as he hugs closely his guitarist, maestro and pilot; Steve Morse.
Alessa Sindoni - read Alessa's full review


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