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Arena, Nürnberg, Germany
November 8, 2003

1. Highway Star
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Silver Tongue
4. Knocking At Your Backdoor
5. House Of Pain
6. Lazy
7. Bananas
8. Contact Lost
9. Doing It Tonight
10. Space Truckin
11. I Got Your Number
12. The Well Dressed Guitar
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Smoke On The Water

15. Hush
16. Black Night

Deep Purple was the first band I saw in 1972 when I was about 12 years old. Now I saw them yesterday in Nürnberg and I can only say, if you get the possibility to see them, do it.
Molly Hatchet was not bad, too, but there was too much show from the one guitarist, they were much better three years ago when I saw them. Anyway, still a good opener for Purple.
Deep Purple's concert last night was just great, amazing, something it I didn't expect. These old men played like the hell and kicked everybody's ass already with the first song. This was Highway Star and wooooooooooooow, what a beginning for the show.
It was great to see how they were one group and nobody was too much in front or back, nobody made too much show and it gave the impession they really liked being there giving us a great time.
It was a perfect mixture of some new and of course old songs and the crowd really got into it.
Gillan still reached the high tunes in the songs, Glover creates tremors with his bass that you can feel in your stomach sometimes. Paice on drums is getting better and better. I don't remember the name of the keyboard guy but he integrates really well in the band. Steve Morse is playing tunes with his guitar that I really don't know where they came from sometimes.
If anybody will get a bootleg from that concert yesterday, please let me know i would really like to get it.
Thomas Drexler

Contact Lost followed with an intersting bridge following which wasn´t the filled with the usual Morse standards all the time (they were present of course, but there was more). I prepared to hear Haunted but I was surprised as Morse´s soloing got faster, harder and more intensive which wouldn´t fit if the intro to Haunted would follow. And it truly was something new, it was the live premiere of Doing It Tonight, which is a very entertaing live song that sends good vibes to the crowd. IG sang the bridge very well and even without taking a breath he managed to get properly into the third verse. At the point where it usually fades out in the studio it went on, then came a break and they ended it with the last few bars of Picture Of Innocence.
Milan Fahrnholz - read Milan's full review

This was my tenth DP show and the best yet. I was very fortunate to receive a guest pass for the show, and used it to full advantage. I flew over from the States the morning of the show, and arrived at the arena very early. I was able to watch the band do a soundcheck with Paicey, Roger, Steve and Don. This was very different because there was a lot of jamming and fooling around, and no pressure from the lights and crowd. A very relaxed performance. They are absolutely masters of their art. Ultimately they played three songs for soundcheck: Ted the Mechanic, Pictures of Innocence, and Doing it Tonight. It was really great.
I made some great new friends at the front of the crowd, many people came in with pictures and plaques, and the fellow next to me had been to 42 shows since 1985. Deep Purple fans are dedicated, don't we know it.
The evening's performance was as good as any I have seen before. Everyone looks so happy and healthy. Big Ian is looking very fit these days.
The songs were flawless, the sound was very good, and the band is on fire. As others have said, Ian still hits the notes like he always has, and he has such an endearing stage presence.
Roger was rock steady, throwing picks to the crowd. Paicey always makes it looks so easy and has a couple very nice solos, Steve is awesome as usual, and Don is really coming into his own. If you haven't made plans to see the Bananas tour, you should reconsider.
I was able to meet the band after the show, and these guys are just as gracious as they are talented. They do this night after night for many years, but still make each fan feel appreciated.
Jim Wells


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