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Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia
December 5, 2003

It was the third time I saw Deep Purple live and this time it was very special. I put a lot of effort and was fortunate enough to participate a small press conference (four jurnalists) and met Mr. Airey, Mr. Glover and Mr. Morse. There are no words to describe how nice these guys are! They were joking and laughing all the time, they were so polite even when time was up for their next radio interview and we wanted their autographs. I knew before that they do not treat themselves as celebrities, but still, I was very surprised how nice they (and their management) are.
The next few hours I was so nervous waiting to the show begin. I was lucky enough to get a photopass, so first two songs I was directly in front of the stage. I was so excited, I just couldn't decide between screaming, singing and jumping and taking photos. I did all of above.
They opened with Highway star and after Strange Kind of Woman I packed my cameras and went into the audience.

The whole show was unbelivable. The setlist was very similair to the other shows, except they added Speed King before Hush in the encore. It was a really nice suprise, since they didn't play it on other shows and this is one of my favourite DP songs.
They played very relaxed, they really enjoyed the show. So did 7000 people in the sold out hall. We enjoyed every song, every solo, every moment.
I wish there will be one day a live album from this tour. I was glad to hear so many new songs, maybe I expected a prolonged version of Space Truckin'.
There is no doubt that Deep Purple are still the best live band in the universe, even after more than 30 years!
Well, 11 days have passed from the show and I am still under strong impressions which are hard to describe.
Thank you, Deep Purple!
Pelko Janez


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