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KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 30, 2003

They did it again! Kicked off a great show Sunday night in Copenhagen.
It's good to see that those 5 "boys" just get better and better as times goes by. They really enjoy what they are doing, and they are damned good at it.
The "new" opener: Highway Star, got the crowd up and singing right from the start, shame that the sound of Don's keyboard was very bad for the first couple of songs, it got much better later on.
The first time Don filled in for Jon in Denmark [Skanderborg Festival 2001. Rasmus], I remember I thought: that won't work, but he did a great job at the keyboard, This time was no exception, good work Don! By the way, I liked your hat.
Ian Paice solid as a rock on drums, it was business as usual, no comments.
Ian Gillan's walking-talking and his vocals were perfect, he was smiling the whole evening, he belongs on stage, that man.
Sunday was Roger Glover's birthday and the band and the crowd gave him a happy birthday song, and he DID play the intro to Black Night on bass, that was a hit.
Steve Morse was in Denmark with Deep Purple first time in 1996, and he is getting better and better every time, he has his own style, and have really brought the band some new drive, brilliant job Steve.
The setlist was a fine mix of the old classics, and a handfull of the new Bananas songs, first time with that much new material on the setlist, refreshing.
I want to say the same as one of the German reviewers: every new concert is the best, and I probably say that the next time too, see you back soon boys.
Birger Kofoed


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