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Jockey Club, Pôrto Alegre, Brazil
September 18, 2003

Highway Star
Woman From Tokyo
Silver Tongue
Contact Lost
Space Truckin
I've got your Number
Knocking At Your Back Door
Well Dressed Guitar
House of Pain
Don´s Solo
Perfect Strangers
Steve's Rifs/Smoke on the Water

Black Night

It was my fourth DP show and the big one. About 10.000 fans went to the Kaiser Music Festival to see Hellacopters, Sepultura and especially Deep Purple.
After the warm up - Hellacopters and the super heavy Sepultura - DP entered at the stage at 00:23 with the best opener song for any DP show - Highway Star. Everybody went crazy, jumping and singing with Gillan like in Woman from Tokyo.
The new song Silver Tonge has a special riff that remains in my mind still now and the improvisiation at the end was very funny. Lazy and Gillan's harmonica received a special ovation from the audience.
What a beautiful song Contact Lost is - a new DP classic song. Haunted was the next one. I don't like it very much but the vocals of Ian, superb.
Space Truckin' was a surprise and was played live for the first time in Porto Alegre, one of the best of the concert.
I've Got Your number has a special chorus but is a quite repetitive at the end but good.
After Knocking at Your Back door, Well dressed Guitar (Fantastic Steve) and House of Pain (maybe a future DP classic song) came Don's solo which introduced Aquarela. This was the definitive highlitght song of the show when we couldn't hear Gillan, but only the crowd singing. It's amazing what a tremendous hit is this song in Brazil.
Following Steve's riffs (Sweet Child O' Mine, Purple Haze, Whola Lotta Love) we got the grand finalle Smoke on the Water.
The encore Hush brought back Paice's solo (a little short but great) and finally uouu, uouu... Black Night ending at 1:55. Do you need more?
Special considerations: Steve is the definitive Purple music man today . Don is not Jon but has his own style and is a very god musician .
Paice and Roger good as usual and Ian Gillan. How keep that fine voice in his age? As the Zero Hora newspaper noticed he is a survivor of the greats. A warrior and if DP is still alive no doubt that it's because of this man.
Highlights: Old songs: Perfect Strangers and Space Truckin'.
New songs: Contact Lost and House of Pain.
Low: the price of numbered seats that overcrowded the landing and the benches. The show was a bit short 92 min in comparison with other tours with 110-120 min. With the addicion of Speed King after Smoke it could be perfect.
Long live Deep Purple !
Leandro M Granella


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