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Münsterlandhalle, Münster, Germany
June 28, 2003

A few short remarks:
- Lynyrd Skynyrd got a good reception. I decided to go early and check them out, because they seem to get favorable reviews, even from the DP crowd. However, I wasn't converted; obviously they're very professional, but I'm not really impressed by what they are doing. I have my doubts about bands waving southern flags and having their tours sponsored by Jim Beam as well. I saw some people with LS tattoos. Do we know people with DP tattoos? [Yes - this is your jolly editor with tattoo'd friend. Rasmus]
- DP was very loud, even with ear plugs and a lot louder than LS as well. Suprising on a co-headlining tour.
- Setlist unchanged from Lichtenvoorde. I liked I'm Alone two weeks ago, I didn't like KAYB yesterday.
- Gillan was 'hoarse' in Lichtenvoorde, but he had recovered for Münster and sang *very* well.
- Highlights: Haunted, I've got your number (which I really like) and Hush (with a great jam in the middle)
- Lowlights: Lazy didn't work, Roger solo during SK got nipped in the bud by IG starting to sing the duu-du-du-du-duu bit that end the middle section. And my camera was found by security...
Hein Bierman

It took me a day to get my hearing back, but was ist worth it?
At 8 o'clock sharp Lynyrd Skynyrd started off. They played the good ole' Southern Rock and got the audience going in no time at all. One hour and 15 minutes of one well-known tune following the other including the beautiful ballad "A simple man", they finished the regular concert with the old Forrest Gump hymn, "Sweet home Alabama". ;-)
Coming back for one encore, they asked the audience which song they wanted to hear: "Free Bird". Another 10 minutes of powerful rock, good and straight. Only thing I didn't like: the sound quality was not exactly good. It was certainly loud enough, but the vocals didn't come across as clearly as one might have wished, and I doubt whether their organ was plugged in at all (the piano could certainly be heard, and that was some great playing!).
A 30-minute break, and then Purple got going. "Deep Purple in Rock" was the second addition to my LP collection, and this kicked off an addiction to DP which has lasted well over 30 years now. But I'd never seen them live.
Starting the show with the old barnstormer "Highway Star", to be followed immediately by "Knocking at my back door", they set off at a furious pace. I have heard various live performances over the years, but I've never heard these songs played so relentlessly fast. Steve Morse is definitely the pacemaker for this aggressive style and he dominates the performance of the group.
As I was keen to find out how the new keyboards player, Don Airey, was fitting in, I was somewhat disappointed: he is a fantastic replacement for Jon Lord but definitely didn't get enough room to play, as there were simply too many parts for Steve Morse. He really is one hell of a guitarist, no doubt about it - but he knows it and everybody else knows it as well.
Airey's solo part was impressive: I'd love to hear more from him. Don't get me wrong: this rejuvenation has done Purple a lot of good, and Morse and Airey are much more than replacements - they've put their own stamp on Purple's performance. But although Blackmore was a dominating instrumentalist, Jon Lord got plenty of his music in as well, and both Blackmore and Lord inserted many playful passages in their live performances where they played classical or sometimes (Blackmore) even children's tunes. Morse, on the other hand, is a straight rocker.
What about Gillan/Glover/Paice? Ian Gillan was in good voice. He might work on his announcements, though, they are somewhat repetetive. Glover played his bass guitar as solid as ever. I'd have loved a Paice drums solo, but got only short solo passages - his drumming to set off "Pictures of home" is as powerful as ever. I loved "Perfect Strangers", this song certainly benefits form the fast pace. The same goes for "Space trucking" although this was a short version.
Summing up, please don't play quite so loud - the sound was even worse than for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Give Don Airey more space. But keep on doing the good work, you certainly are the speed kings of rock!
I loved it.
Rainer Gerbaulet

After reading so many negative reviews, I went with mixed feelings to the show.
And I was right, but in another way, I thought: LS presented a very boring set. I don't like bands, who tell the audience every two minutes to clap or raise their hands.
Then DP came on stage - and it was fantastic. Best gig in many years - except the Concerto tour. They left out I'm alone, Mary Long and Woman from Tokyo, but played Knocking at Your Back Door.
Highlight for me was the completely new arranged Well Dressed Guitar, featuring Don as much as Steve.
And as for Don: Forget Jon Lord! No, I'm just kidding, but if anybody can follow the Lord then it's Don, he gave us a marvellous show.
And if I forget for a moment, that they played nothing from Purpendicular or Abandon, then there's only one complaint: After 35 years they should replace this perfect androide sitting behind the drum kit with a human being... [Is this a compliment? Rasmus]
Thanks for a great evening!
Friedhelm Wenning

Deep Purple rocks the town! It was a f**king superb party.
Es war definitiv das beste Konzert, welches ich je von den Jungs gesehen habe (sorry Ritchie). Die Band war in unheimlich guter Spiellaune und der Funke sprang sofort zum Publikum
über. Ian hatte den Laden dank seiner überragenden Stimme und Ausstrahlung von der ersten Minute an im Griff. Bin immer noch hin und weg - hoffentlich fällt mir morgen wieder ein, wie ich den Weg von Münster nach Bielefeld geschafft habe. ;-)
Thanks for a great show and hope to see ya again!
Andreas Wißmann

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