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Richard-Beekmann-Stadion, Bad Arolsen, Germany
June 18, 2003

This was my first DP concert and I've been a DP-fan for only a few years.
The well organized festival on the "Hessentag 2003" at the "Richard-Beekman-Stadion" also began with the band "Kickhunters" from Hamburg, who did very a good job (it was better than Lynyrd Skynyrd). After that, Lynyrd Skynyrd rocked the crowd with their southern-rock-style. The people loved it, surely because there were many LS-fans in the stadium, such as a few biker-gangs. I suppose many people only came for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
At 22.05 DP started their firework with Highway Star, which sounded not very good in first minutes, but then got better, probably technical problems. But this was the only bad sound at this concert, rest was unbelievable good.
Mary Long and I'm alone followed, then a track from the new album Bananas, one of two this evening. The rest of the playlist was quite similar with the other gigs before in Germany.
I'm a musician, playing drums in a band, and everything was great from a musical aspect - they did a wonderful job - Ian Gillan would say "superb" (He used this word about 20 times this evening).
The light show was also wonderful. Ian had some problems with his voice at one song (Idon't remeber which one it was) he dissappeared for a few seconds, Steve played a riff and then everything was O.K. again.
I think Steve was the best on this evening. I have never seen sombody like him before, in German we would say "Er spielte sich der Arsch ab"- "he played his ass off!"
They all also performed a few cover parts such as "For those about to rock" from AC/DC and "Honky Tonk Woman" by from Rolling Stones, all integrated in a superb guitar action. Even Don Airey did the same, he performed parts from classical symphonies and musicals and so on with his organs and keyboards.
What I missed was a little bit more action, maybe a solo from Ian Paice, who is my favourite drummer. He played wonderful, but a short solo would have been great.
They all came out for an encore around 23.25 and played Hush and Black Nights, which is my favourite song.
In my opinion a bit to early, at about 23.45 the concert was over.
Not to forget: Although it was announced, not one drop of rain fell down on this evening and the temperatures were absolutely right.
Guido Reichert

A wonderful evening. I can say this again, though this was my umpteenth Purple gig since 1985.
I simply can't understand all this fuzz going on about the setlist. It's great and it works. They have "I'm alone" and the two new numbers, well mingled with the classics which are changing constantly, too. (Remember they omitted Pictures of Home recently and now brought it back.)
Ian's voice is remarkably well. Ten years ago I wouldn't have dreamed he could ever give me those shivers down the spine again. There was absolutely no struggling throughout the whole gig. The guy simply sang wonderfully.
"Perfect Strangers" was the climax this time, it had a dramatic edge to it this evening, that I never realized before. Amazing too, that the two new songs went down very well with the audience. And what great numbers they are! If the new album runs completely on this level - then wow!
The whole concert was very relaxed, which was started with the wonderful Lynyrd Skynyrd and then continued through the Purple show. There was the usual laughing and joking of Ian, but the others, too, seemed to be in an even better mood than usually. Don Airey played well, I'm sure in a year or so, he'll loose this very littly rest of nervousness you still can feel when watching him closely. Best choice the guys could make and very well received by the audience, too.
The people loved the show, given the circumstances that it was not the regular Purple crowd (the Hessentag is a seven day festival), I was astounded how frenetically everybody celebrated the band. And a crowd of 15,000 is an exciting thing today, even for our heroes, I guess.
Great night, great night.
Jörg & Irene Müller

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