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German reviews 2002

An excerise in excitement

The second Deep Purple gig - in this year and in my life. In arears I'm making up for many years. This time, I went to Zwickau by car with my two fan club colleagues. The gig seemed interesting. What is The Planets? It appeared to be a group of fine girls playing various instruments, electronic and acoustic ones. They mix classic and hard rock music very well. Very nice.

Dio: I'm not disappointed. He sings very well. I like Children Of The Sea very much. And then I recognize a song which I 've known for many years, but I didn't know it was Rainbow's. Thanks, Mr Dio.

And at last, Deep Purple. They aren't late! My first impression is the German audience is more enthousiastic than the Lithuanian one. I'm standing next to the stage, it's very loud, but the crowd is louder. During the whole gig.

Fireball and a short piece of Into the fire. A very nice version of the song. Woman From Tokyo: I start to sing. Many solos from Steve today, in Mary Long for instance. Ted The Mechanic: I start to dance. What an experience! Don's solo. Lazy, Well Dressed Guitar... and Steve throws us his second plectrum. Steve's intro, When A Blind Man Cries, Steve's ending, very beautiful. Again Steve's solo and Space Truckin' . The whole crowd sings. Don again: Schumann, Toreador's march, Star Wars... In the shadow of the stage, Ian embraces Steve, so I wave my hand to them. And Perfect strangers, of course, the greatest song in the world. The same green lightnings run the stage again. The crowd is reaching boiling point. Speed King with a small piece of Rat Bat Blue. Then a splendid Paicey's solo. Smoke On The Water - everybody sings. Steve throws his plectrums again. The audience doesn't want to let the band go. The must be back. Hush, Black Night - the whole crowd sings again. Highway Star - I've never heard such an enthusiastic racket! The band members throw us plectrums, drumsticks, even a towel. and they go.

I'd like more, as usual... I didn't get any pass, but I managed to get autographs from Steve, Don and Roger. They also agreed to have their photos with me. Then I gave them some of my photos of the Polish landscape. The conclusion is: the band is very kind, on the stage and back the stage as well.

See you next year.

Joasia Ostrowiecka

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