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Nice website you've got. Here's the most unsual review you will ever get. I wonder if you would like to add it to your site.

I have to admit that I'm a bit preoccupied but I wasn't on the Hamburg gig to see Deep Purple, sorry folks. I was there to meet with my friends The Planets. This year's supporting act for DP. They are playing a brilliant mix between classic and rock and their arrangements allowed them to really rock.

The audience in Hamburg received the group very well. They started with Bolero - a piece of their album Classical Graffiti. The audience was a bit surprised to hear this familar tune with an alternative arrangement that developed musically instead of loudness. And soon the audience got warm and really celebrated their brillant playing. When the band played their Versions of Contradanza or The Journey Of A Fool (compositions by their founder and arranger Mike Batt) it was obvious that there is absolutely no difference between rock and classics - beside some instruments. The audience really liked their performance and was stunned when Anne, the guitar player, talked to them in German (well, in fact she is German). It appeared to me that the audience really enjoyed them and found The Planets a very entertaining introduction to a great evening.

When they finished their act I walked out because as stated before I was only there to see them. Beside this I wanted to talk to them and take some photos because - yes, I'm preoccupied - I am the owner of their official german website www.theplanets.de . So if you want to see the pics and learn about their music then visit us. Sorry this isn't a review of DP but I am sure that other people will write reviews about the performance they have waited for.

Greetings to all DP friends and many Thanks to DP themselves who made it possible that this talented group of eight beautiful girls and boys could play on their venue.

Robert Madsen

P.S.: While waiting backstage for The Planet I heard Purple in the distance and they received by loud applauding and cheering so it must have been great - read the other reviews to find out more.

Nice pep talk there, Robert - I'm fascinated by your infatuation - are you really serious? Rasmus

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