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German reviews 2002

Don't start without me!

My most disappointing Deep Purple concert:

After driving about 75 kilometers to Gelsenkirchen it began with a little traffic chaos, when hundreds of cars were lead into what we in Germany call a Sackgasse (in English I think it's called dead end). And we were stuck.

Finally I found a place to park my car and went to the Amphitheater. As soon as I had left my car I thought that I was in a nightmare: I heard the voice and music of Dio!

Some minutes later when I reached the entrance of the Amphitheater I realized that the concert had already begun (at 6.00 pm). I took out my ticket and there it said: Concert starts at 8.30 pm. So I finally missed half of the concert but had payed 36 EUR for a complete one.

I went to find one of the concert agency's employees to get my money back After about 15 minutes of discussion I got a 36 EUR refund and went back to my car. It was about 8.00 pm and lots of people came my way to get into the concert. Probably they all had a starting time of 8.30 pm written on their tickets too...

I don't mind paying a lot of money for a concert if I get what I pay for, but what the German concert agency did to the people (and even to the musicians who did not get an audience as big as it might have been under normal circumstances) is more than just incorrect.

I've been to many concerts and I've seen Purple more than 20 times, but if s**t like this happens again tomorrow at the concert in Cologne, it will be my last DP concert...

Klaus Selbach

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