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Dear Deep Purple

Hello Ian, Ian, Roger, Don and Steve,

I address this to you as a thank you note. I'll start right away and then let you know what I thought of the show. Thank you for one of the best concerts of my life and thank you for being the best live band in the world.

While driving through a heavy thunderstorm on the autobahn i just wished that the show would be so good that I wouldn't mind rain. I didn't need to worry about rain because there was none and the show was incredibly good.

Starting off with Fireball once again. Just good because it's one of my favourite songs and it just rocks. I wished to hear "Knocking At Your Back Door for some years now and finally my wish was granted. Thank you for that too, guys. The other surprise, and to me it was a pleasant one, in the set was Space Truckin'. Good to hear that again too. I did miss my all-time Purple favourites Fools and Somtimes I Feel Like Screaming, but that is OK because they were replaced by the songs above.

Now some words to each one of you.

Ian Gillan: I'm so sorry that you had to deal with some guys in the front row wich annoyed you. I couldn't see what they were doing because I was right in front of the mixer but I would have glady kicked their butts for you (excuse my language). Right after that you did one of the best versions of When A Blind Man Cries I ever witnessed. And I guess that shut them off anyway. I like your vocals so much. To me you are the best rock singer ever to grace this planet.

Roger and Ian Paice: What can I say? If somebody asks me to define groove my only answer can be: Roger Glover and Ian Paice of Deep Purple. The drummer of my band, who witnessed his first Purple show, just said: "I've never seen such a cool and groovey drumcomputer!" I hope you get that one right, Ian.

Don: Thanks for replacing Jon and doing such a good job. Your playing is as powerful and good as Jon's. In my humble opinion you are the perfect man for Purple. And your solos are fun listening to.

Steve: To be honest I can hardly find words for your playing in Cologne. I was even more stunned and amazed than all the other times I've seen you with Deep Purple. Listening to your playing gets me like flying five feet above the floor. You alway surprise me again and I never heard one boring solo from you. Keep up the good work and thank you for giving Purple back the power and fun in music.

This was my 9th Deep Purple show. Since 1997 I managed to catch at least one a year. There is only one show which will never be reached - the Concerto show in Dortmund. With every other show you guys get better and better. I hope I will be able to see at least 15 more Deep Purple shows in my life. Please guys, keep on playing. You are giving me as much pleasure listening as no one else ever did and propably never will.

Still happy having been able to see you once again

Michael Nazarenus

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