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Anya annoyingly absent

I agree with the legions of Scorpions fans - the Scorps should go on last. Then I could have left after Deep Purple and not had my ears assaulted by the noise that came from the stage when the Scorpions played. Ugh! Although I must admit, they have the best endings to their songs. Seriously.

Deep Purple was about as tight and professional as I have ever seen them. Don Airey did not fill Jon Lord's shoes, he wore his own. Ian Paice still amazes, as does Roger Glover. Ian was in consistently fine form from start to finish. What more can anyone say about Steve Morse? He is truly one of the great musicians in the business. Purple fans are fortunate that he is part of the greatest rock band of all time.

Gripes? I'd like to hear more recent material. By my count, the set list only included four songs which were recorded after 1974. Do we need to hear Black Night on every tour? I would prefer Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming or Anya or Somebody Stole My Guitar.

Stevie Gee

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