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Instrumentalistic Purple

What a great place for a classic rock concert and what a great show. Everything started at 6:30pm and ended at 11:00pm. The stage is right out in the water and there were some boats hanging around listening in on this one.

Dio came out on stage in a cloud of wind blown smoke and ripped right into a new one from Killing The Dragon. His back drop was so cool with that fantasy dragon. He went on to do some classic Dio, Sabbath and Rainbow tunes, and finished up with Last In Line which was great. I expected Rainbow In The Dark but he was done way before dark so Last In Line was a better pick.

Now the stadium was really filling up with people ready to rock, smoke was filling the air and not just from the stage... :-) Out come the Scorpions. The singer saying how it's great to be back in NYC. Hey, wait a minute, I thought we were on Long Island, on the water, far from NYC? Anyway that doesn't matter. The Scorpions rocked right from the start playing all the classics and the crowd was loving them. My girlfriend was in tears hearing them do Still Loving You. They rocked.

By now it was totally dark out with the full moon over the stage reflecting on the water and out came Deep Purple. They went right into the classics. These guys know how to play their instruments. The keyboard solo was a big highlight with everything from classical to Star Wars and Steve Morse made me forget Ritchie isn't in the band anymore. Steve is one of the better guitarists I ever heard. Glover and Paice had great solos also.

Ian Gillan sang great but I thought if anything was wrong I missed his screams. It seemed like he didn`t scream as much as I thought he would, but my girlfriend reminded me he sang Smoke On The Water before she was even born. So I forgive him if he wasn`t screaming his head off. At the end of one song he sang some lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar.

The final song was Highway Star. What a show! Worth every penny spent on those two tickets.

Chris Kolendra

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