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Mistreated at Jones Beach

Overall I enjoyed the show with a few exceptions - more later on. I really liked Don's instrumental work although I couldn't really hear it too well because of the horrible accustics there. I liked it when he played part of a Gershwin piece and gradually back and fourth changed it to classical style piece. It was also really cool that Roger, Ian Paice, Steve and Don all had a solo to add in this short set, and I'm happy they played Black Night and Speed King because I went last year and didn't hear those songs.

I can't wait till the new album comes out because I thought Morse's Well Dressed Guitar was beautiful, and the keys added a wonderful classical sense. Also, Gillan's vocals sounded superb, and Paice's one handed drum roll really showed his talent not only as a solid drummer, but it showed his jazzy style as well.

One thing that really bothered me was when Steve played his amazing introduction solo which didn't even get a standing applause by the audience.

One comment by Gillan that I thought was funny was when he said "And now we're going to play a much more recent tune," and it was Smoke On The Water. I think Gillan realized the crowd didn't care and just wanted to crack a joke.

I felt so funny at the show, but in a good way because I'm only 19 and I know all the words and was singing along to all of them; while the middle aged people that grew up with Deep Purple were singing just the two lines to Smoke On The Water. I guess people in the States have no respect for real music! It is very strange though because the Skynyrd crowd had much more of a reaction to Deep Purple last year, than all of these DP fans this year. I just don't get it!

One suggestion I would make is that DP should tour in the States with instrumental bands because this would attract more people that would want to hear more experimental soloing rather than just the few popular songs with no jams. I love DP's beautiful touching instrumentals. (Like what they did with Fools last year). Everyone in the band has so many outstanding ideas that should be heard. Also DP's set seemed very short, it would be great to see them tour with just one opening instrumental band.

I'm very sorry how the US crowd responded, or didn't respond to your music. I loved it and there are still many of us who truly do enjoy the music. Please tour here again sometime if you aren't too mad. I would love to hear you share your music again.

Lots of love and thanks,

Lauren Stramiello

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