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Comparable to Loverboy...

Dio: Listened from afar as we didn't really care. I only know two songs and I did not hear either one...

Deep Purple: First off I have never seen Deep Purple before. I went to this 'jam' mainly for Deep Purple (and the Scorpions) One word: Awesome. Best surprise of the weekend to the casual fan. Myself being a huge fan I was very proud. The whole band was great. My only slight disappointment was the drummer leaving out some parts. I guess he is getting up there. But when he pushed it, he showed what he can do!

Morse rocked. Best guitarist of the weekend with Matthias Jabs a close second. Glover kicked ass. Close second best bassist of the weekend to Spider of Loverboy. Gillan sounded and looked great.

My buddies who didn't really know too much about Deep Purple were really impressed. We watched from the third row. Had a great time. Thank you guys. I never thought I'd have chance to see these guys, but I did and I loved every minute. BTW they did do Hush.

Scorpions: Great. Just like always. And whoever said Rudolph is annoying needs to get a life. Rudolph is the best. I love that guy. He is Rock'n'Roll. The new drummer is nuts. Did I see him break a beer bottle over his head? Klaus was letting it all out again. Matthias is so good. I love the double (and somtimes triple) guitar attack. Great show.

Dave Smith

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