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Untold joy

I am 43 years old and this was the first Deep Purple concert I had the privilege to see. It was a great concert well worth the wait.

I bought my first Deep Purple album in 1973 in 8th grade, and Deep Purple has been my favorite band ever. I miss Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore but I am a fan of Deep Purple and was not disappointed last night. The concert was wonderful and very fulfilling.

If I had the means I would like to see Deep Purple again - hopefully they will come back this way again.

I have two crates of albums of various Deep Purple material - Rainbow, Jon Lord (Before I Forget), Gillan, PAL, Butterfly Ball, Roger Glover (Mask), The Wizard's Convention, Hughes/Thrall and now Steve Morse is part of my listening collection.

Thank you for a great concert - an experience that as a fan made me almost complete. You do not know the joy you have brought me.

Brent Jarvis

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