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Short set in Vegas

First, as far as I am concerned, Deep Purple is the group. I was very happy to see that they were traveling with Dio and the Scorpions. I bought my tickets the day they went on sale and was in the 6th row. As it turned out, I wish they had been playing on their own.

Dio was incredible and managed to do a lot with the time that he had. He made an effort at connecting with the audience. The Scorpions put on a great show. They played an hour and forty minutes. Everyone stood throughout the show. I even managed to get a drumstick before the encores.

Deep Purple played a very tight hour long concert. They appeared to enjoy themselves. I knew all the songs and enjoyed them. My two children are Purple fans and thought they were the best of the night. Fools and Highway Star were especially well done. Don's intro to Lazy was pretty good, but I still miss Jon Lord.

My only problem was the length of the set. I was like 'Hey guys, that is only 10 songs!' I guess when they are the closing act the people are luckier.

I don't think Deep Purple made as much a connection with the audience as Dio or the Scorpions. For the most part people were only excited over the first song - Highway Star and the encore of Smoke On The Water. The rest of the show almost everyone remained seated. I don't believe Deep Purple gained any new fans with their brief set. I went with a friend who had never seen Purple before. She was underwhelmed by the performance, but though Dio and The Scorpions were great even after months of comments from me about DP! [Whatever did you tell her?! ;^) Rasmus]

I hope that when Deep Purple comes here again they are alone like they were the last time in August 1998 at the Hard Rock. That was an incredible show and everyone there stayed on their feet screaming throughout the performance.

Carl Pereira

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