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Opening Night


Setlist 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Killing The Dragon
Children Of The Sea - back into Egypt.
Stand Up And Shout
Drum solo by Simon Wright
Holy Diver
Rock and Roll
Man On The Silver Mountain
Long Live Rock'n'Roll - back into MOTSM.
Heaven And Hell
Rainbow In The Dark

Ronnie's voice was amazing the band rocked the house. Doug Aldrich fit in perfectly. A great set which left everyone standing and shouting for more. If anyone says this guy is not in a league of his own vocally they are not listening. The guy is a amazing singer. Great set!!!!


Deep Purple

At 8:50 pm the lights go down and BANG!!!!!! The opening drums to Highway Star.

Setlist 8:50 pm - 10:15 pm

Highway Star
Woman From Tokyo
Ted The Mechanic
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Well Dressed Guitar (a new instrumental)
Keyboard solo by Don Airey - leading into:
Perfect Strangers
Speed King (with trade off solo's by Steve Morse and Don Airey

Steve Morse's solo which included with the band playing along fully with tracks by AC/DC, ZZ Top, Hendrix, The Who, Zeppelin, Cream and Rush - right into (what else!):
Smoke On The Water.

By then the house was going crazy. Don Airey is a very good keyboard player. He did a very good job on the solo's but he is not Jon Lord. Ian Gillan's voice was in good shape but a bit thin at times. Steve Morse's playing was amazing.

We went backstage as soon as the changeover was taking place. Talked to Roger Glover a bit and Joe Lynn Turner about Saturday's show with Glenn Hughes and
what he wanted me to do for his mix and then we headed home. We did not bother staying for the Scorpions.

Tommy Hittmann

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