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Full on in Tucson

Dio opened the evening, followed by an intense show by the Scorpions. People were really warmed up for Deep Purple as they started an excellent set with Highway Star.

Deep Purple's stage show was perfect - the set included Hush, Perfect Stranges (a rocker!) and a new instrumental called Well Dressed Guitar - Deep Purple at its best. The band took some moments during the encore to do a small tribute to other groups like AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin... all song tidbits leading and building up to a great Smoke On The Water rendition!

The show was top notch, I saw many people from all ages here and there. Cool to see younger generations interested in the greatest rock ever. Better watch out for these rockers as they come your way to your city, grab your tickets early and prepare for the deepest of Deep Purple 2002.

Rogelio Perea H

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