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Hit by the German stinger

Being DP fans we made the trek from our home in Niagara Falls, Canada to Cleveland to see the show. Arriving on a wing and a prayer with no tickets in hand we totally lucked out with 12th row tickets. What a way to start our day.

Never having seen Dio or the Scorpions I was anxious as to what I was going to see. Dio rocked and looked pretty good for just turning 60. He had the audience from the get go.

Deep Purple took the stage and performed very well. This was my fourth time seeing them so I kinda knew what to expect. I'm always amazed at Steve's guitar playing and his stage presence. He always has a smile on his face and looks like he truly enjoys what he is doing. Everyone of the guys look like they love doing what they do and it shows. Gillan, ever present in his bare feet, has a superb voice and a genuine feel for his fans.

Now, onto the Scorpions. These guys totally blew me away. I did not know what to expect but from the moment they took the stage I was mesmorized. They were tight, polished and definately having a great time. Energy, musicianship and charisma all add up to one hell of a great show. I must add though that the star of the show, if there has to be one, was James. He is one of the most dramatic drummers I have ever seen. I'm not a fan of drum solos but his playing knocked my socks off.

We were definately there to see DP as we are huge fans but this night I became a Scorpions fan. I thought last year's line-up with Skynyrd was an excellent choice as I am a huge Skynyrd fan, but this year's line-up was equally impressive.

Keep on rocking guys and please come to Buffalo.

Debbie Halton

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