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Truckin' at Tinley

Just a great concert! I stood 10th row center. Dio was in good voice and was well received by the crowd, which was pretty big considering how early it was. The Scorpions played a loud and energetic set. Klaus Meine sounded great and they had the crowd screaming. We'll Burn The Sky was nice to hear.

Deep Purple more than held their own as headliners this night. Roger Glover and Ian Paice are a superb rhythm section. For a man of 56 Ian Gillan looks and sounds great, and he gives his all. Steve Morse has fun on stage and is very talented. Don Airey sounded good.

They played Space Truckin' which made my night. Ian said he was getting "great vibes" from the crowd, which is no surprise here in Chicago.

Thanks to all three bands for a great night.

John Tasso

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