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Gillan not on his toes for fools

I was at Purple's show last night at Tweeter Center sitting about 17 rows back from the stage.

First of all Dio smoked! Make sure you get their early, if your ticket says the show starts at 6:30 that's when the man with the iron lungs hits you with his first breath of fresh air. Dio can turn non-believers into total fans within a few minutes. His set included old Rainbow tunes, to the classic Ronnie Sabbath tunes. Don't miss out.

I missed most of the Scorpions' set due to buying overpriced beers (worth it though). The crowd was pretty rowdy at this point, and it seemed the Scorpions set the table for what was to come.

Deep Purple was awesome. Gillan can still scream like he was a young man recording the Glory Road LP. [Thumbs up for Gillan's solo material! Rasmus] I'm still in shock how he can prance around on stage barefooted, screaming and joking around without stubbing his toes. Roger Glover laid down a killer solo, and good old Steve ripped up everybody with riff after riff. Ian Paice can still beat the drums like never before and Don Airey is a super replacement for Jon.

The set was most of the classics with no real surprises mixed in - but I missed When A Blind Man Cries. They played a solid hour and a half, and closed the show with Highway Star.

It was a great night - one that I will see again in Milwaukee tomorrow. [Pre-arranged deja-vu? Rasmus]

Dont be a fool, head out and see the show!

Ray J Marschke

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