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A match for Wakeman

We took several couples with us to their first concert. My wife and I are from southern California and have both seen Deep Purple, and Scorpions numerous times. We got just what we expected - an excellent show.

The other couples were die-hard Scorps fans, myself included, but I also have every Deep Purple CD in my collection. The other couples were truly amazed at the clarity of Deep Purple's sound and are still talking about the awesome guitar solo and the awesome keyboard
solo. Before this concert they considered this part of my collection 'movie track music'. They are now true Deep purple fans and have already asked me to borrow
CD's... LOL

I love the current line-up. Ian Gillan was in top form and has a voice from heaven. My current favorite album is Purpendicular. And I am a die hard Rick Wakeman fan and would gladly match Don Airey's keyboard solo with any of Mr. Wakemans legendary solo performances.

Thank you all for a very entertaining evening. Please don't stop the music...

John R. Brumby

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