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Rockin' the Alamo

After a 15 year absence, we get two Purple tours in less than a year!

The boys are in great form. Don Airey add a whole new twist to the classic Purple sound. Gillan was in great voice and the remarkable Steve Morse was grinning from ear to ear and ripping it up.

The set was basically the same as last tour, except gone was SometimesI Feel Like Screaming and in was the classic Hush. Roger told me after the show that SIFLS wasn't going over good. This was a smart move seeing that the set was only one hour and 15 minutes, and coming after an action packed Scorpions set in this town where Scorpions rule. A lot of people did take off after Dio and Scorpions, especially during the Purple set. One of these days maybe I'll get lucky and see a full show with SIFLS. Until then I've got my Total Abandon 1999.

I had a chance to interview Paicey and Steve on the radio, and after the show talk to Roger and Don. In the Riff Raff Steve started out with a little Texas flavoring - La Grange followed by White Cliffs Of Dover. His version of Voodoo Chile was very SRV-ish. The one that followed Voodoo C. was very poppy, sounding familiar but I couldn't place it. Almost sounding like a Trevor Rabin/Yes riff Love Will Find A Way? I asked Steve about it and he couldn't recall either. [Owner Of A Lonely Heart? Rasmus]

I really like the song Fools and think it sounds great with the current line-up. But I don't understand why you would choose that song over Space Truckin, Child In Time or even Knocking At Your Back Door, which was played last year? My guess is Gillan may not be able to do the vocals justice anymore. [Or maybe the band just wants to offer something other than the regular hits. Rasmus]

It was a joy to see this classic band in action and be able to meet them again. I only hope they come back soon and play a full show.

Finally, hi to my Houston Purple compadre Dale Gibson who shared the experience.

Tom Scheppke

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