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I was there - you probably won't post this but I had to let you know.

I am sorry I don't share the heartfelt enthusiasm with the other fans who went to the Phoenix show. I was really looking forward to the show and seeing DP for the first time. I paid full price for these seats - didn’t get them by going to no Diamondback game.

After a disappointing short set from Dio (disappointing because it was a short set), the Scorpions rocked us out of our seats. They were the only saving grace of the evening.

I was looking forward to rockin' late into the evening, when instead I was put to sleep by melodic keyboard solos. DP should stick to what they do best, play their music. If I wanted to hear Elvis or Hendrix, Stones, Beatles and Led Zeppelin, well I’d pull out my old vinyl.

Perhaps those that stayed around after the Scorps were too stoned and drunk to realize what they were seeing. I really loved the A-holes in front of me that kept jumping up. They would have jumped out of their seats if Ian had puked on his bare feet.

The only good thing: The Well-Dressed Guitar was rocking...

Guys, I am disappointed and it would take free tickets from a Diamondback game for me to even consider going to another one of your shows. Sorry, but I still can't get over my disappointment, it saddens me, it really does.


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