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Happy Purple

First I'd like to thank those who left the Phoenix show after the Scorpions played, for they gave me the opportunity to see one of the best bands in rock'n'roll history from the third row!

Second I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how well Don Airey seemed to mesh with the band. I cried when I learned of Jon Lord's departure from Deep Purple, and remember thinking "Well, I suppose the show will still be worth seeing." Was it ever! Although Don has a very different stage presence than Jon, his playing still gave me chills (hard to do in 105 degree heat).

Steve and Roger were brilliant and electrifying as always, and Ian's voice only seems to grow better with age. I enjoyed the medley of hits by other great bands (although I must admit the song titles escape me this morning). I would have preferred a medley of past DP songs, even if they were only a chorus or two long.

Overall, the show was fantastic and it's great to see a band like DP all smiling and having such a wonderful time on stage. One might get the impression they enjoy this as much as WE do. Hmmm... [Like Roger said: It's great to be in a band that's happy - I'd recommend it to anyone. :-) Rasmus]

Deb Labarr

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