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Deep Purple makes you look young

Tonight was my second time I got to see Deep Purple live within the past four years. The last time I saw them was at the House Of Blues in New Orleans in December 1998. As much as I loved that show, tonight was one of the most amazing concerts I've ever seen.

The evening started with Ronnie James Dio who did a great job firing up the crow. Next the Scorpions just played a mean in-your-face heavy metal rock right - it was nice to see those guys put on a great show. But nothing could compare Scorpions with Purple once Ian and the boys went on stage and opened the evening with Highway Star. They instantly blew the crowd away, and followed it with Woman From Tokyo, Ted The Mechanic, Lazy, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Fools, and a new song called Well Dressed Guitar and a keyboard solo by Don Airey.

Perfect Strangers was another awesome song and by now there was no holding back. The fans went crazy.

Ian’s voice is by far one of the greatest voices of rock'n'roll and goosebumps are guaranteed.

The highlight of the evening was Ian doing Elvis, and Steve Morse's guitar solo of Hendrix, Beatles and the Stones, before kicking into Smoke On The Water.

I have only one word for for all those fools who left after the Scorpions: Losers. If you've never seen Deep Purple live, do yourself and your wife a favor and watch them - satisfactions guaranteed. Bring the kids and maybe they won’t think of you as boring old folks anymore.

Though I am not a writer I hope my review will be helpful.

Thanks Deep Purple for a very nice evening

Hubert Baumann

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