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What a night!

The Indy show kicked off with Ronnie James Dio who played a blistering set that was of course too short and too light. Concerts that start at 6:30 pm outdoors should be banned! As Ronnie said, "It's hard to be evil in the light."

Then Deep Purple took control. Ian Gillan's vocals were in top form - can't say that about the congas after he was done thrashing them (damn, does he ever get tired?). Roger Glover's bass was smokin', as was Ian Paice's drum kit. Don Airey, what can be said? You are the ultimate keyboard player, alway's in attack mode. I was taken to another place by the B3 last night, and slammed back into reality by Steve Morse's screaming, blistering, razor sharp licks, (thanks for the picks Steve!). As I really miss Blackmore's antics on stage, Morse's guitar is Deep Purple (does this guy have three hands or what?).

The band was as great as I've ever seen, (and I've seen DP more times than I can remember). A heartfelt Thank You, for a good time as always.

Cheers for a great show!!!

Oh yeah, the Scorpions closed this four and a half hour assault, by taking what was left of our senses and launching the entire crowd into orbit... You guys rocked us like a hurricane. What else can be said, I left with a feeling seldom reached at a concert.

My ass was kicked! Thank You.

If you don't see this tour, you suck as a human, and certainly shouldn't be reading this! [Is it OK if I just edit it for the website? ;^) Rasmus]

Mark Rubin

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