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Gods and kings - but no queens?

"You're never too old to rock and roll!" A phrase proved over and over Friday night as three amazing vocalists in their late 50s/early 60s sang and screamed every note low and high as if they were 40 years younger. Age knows no limit in music if one takes care of oneself, and all three of these tight professional bands are in excellent shape. Wow!

By now you've read all the setlists so no change here. Dio came out blasting right on time and Killing The Dragon seemed to cause the crowd to turn around and pay attention. The seats filled up pretty quickly then because Dio was torching the place. Doug Aldrich... what a guitar slinger. He just ripped it up. Dio is a very tight and polished band and I wish they could have played longer. They sounded very clean.

Scorpions cranked up the volume, which is why my ears are still ringing a day later. These guys pushed the 'tight and polished' factor up a notch. Rudolf Schenker played his guitar with soul and emotion, and lots of smiles. Mathias Jabs played his guitar with guts and attitude, pumping up the crowd with relentless fervor. Klaus Meine, like Dio, showed no age in his voice as he sang every song like it was right off the vinyl. Awesome Scorps show.

Deep Purple. I confess, I was mostly here to see Steve Morse play guitar than for any other reason, because I've never seen him live. I've been listening to his playing for 20 years and he just keeps getting better. He really enjoys doing it to, as he was singing and smiling and playing the holy-living-crap out of each guitar.

Ian Gillan, good lord that guy can still belt out every single note with amazing intensity. The Purp's were on it tonight. Completely solid.

Doug Aldrich, Rudolf Schenker, Steve Morse...guitar gods. Ronnie, Klaus, Ian...vocal kings.

Man, what a show - you gotta go.

Tom Havey

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