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Walking on broken glass

I've never written a review and don't know how it should sound, so I'll just write what I am thinking. [You know, that's not a bad way of doing it. Rasmus]

In my opinion, the best venue in the world, for sound quality, as well as visual enticement is Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison Colorado. Deep Purple made the place absolutely come alive with an incredible selection of some of their best tunes. They also brought with them some long awaited cool weather to Colorado. It had been over 90 degrees without a cloud in the sky for a month and the day that DP got to Colorado Springs it was cloudy and much cooler, didn't rain, and it stayed that way the day after when they played Red Rocks. The day after that it was back to blue skies and soaring temperatures! Thanks guys!

I was lucky enough to watch the show from onstage. I was able to see all of the fan's faces from the band's point of view which was a treat in itself. I can see why DP has so much fun on stage and can make their entire audience feel loved and appreciated. Everyone in the audience was smiling, laughing, yelling, screaming, jumping up and down and all around having an incredible time and that continued until Steve, Ian P, Roger, Don and Ian G left the stage for the last time.

Unfortunately, I did not remember the order of all of the songs played, so I think it would be unfair of me to try and just guess. I'm sure there's another DP fan out there who attended this incredible gig and will send in the set list in it's original order. Only one thing went wrong during the show... someone broke a bottle near the stage which left shards of glass on the stage right where Ian G walks around barefoot. Unphased, he donned a pair of black, woven sandal-type shoes and continued to belt out verse after verse of classic DP tunes. His voice sounded great that night, as did Steve's guitar(s). Roger played a wonderful solo, and so did both Ian P and Don. They were all in particularly good 'voice' this night.

I want to personally thank Steve for his many years of friendship, lending me his pass and always going out of his way to be generous and kind, Roger for sharing some fantastic pictures of some of DP's travels around the world, Don for his sincere, very nice conversation (Sharon O, we wish you the best), Jan for her ass-bustin' hospitality and especially Ian G. for the eye drops.

In my opinion, as well as many others, Deep Purple is the greatest band on the planet and their personalities match, no, exceed their talents. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be considered a friend and my love for the guys in DP will never die. Thanks again guys, for a wonderful time and for making me feel like one of the family...

Very sincerely,
Suzi Schaefers

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