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Deep Purple In Corrigible - couldn't get any better

I went to this show to see the Scorpions. Although I respect Deep Purple I have never really been into them - until last night!

Dio opened the show at promptly 6:30pm. Blistered through a pretty decent mix of old and new tracks and closed with my favorite Dio tune, Rainbow In The Dark. (Ronnie's vocals have not lost anything over the years!)

Then came Deep Purple. 8pm sharp they were onstage and commenced to please old fans and pull in several new ones too by the response of the crowd. I was telling a friend of mine about a track off of Purpendicular called Ted The Mechanic and what do you know, third song in, there it was. From the opening tune to the closer Highway Star, Deep Purple proved that legends never fade away, they only get better!

The Scorpions were the reason I went to the show to begin with. All I can say is wow! Incredible production, tight, lighting was on the money, and Klaus' voice (much like Ian and Ronnie's) was impeccable!

All in all, great tour and Deep Purple has gained at least one new huge fan. Going out right now to fill in my scattered Deep Purple collection.

Great job by all three acts. Anyone looking at these reviews in order to determine whether or not to go - I highly encourage you to go!

Chris LaGrow

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