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Cool shirts, cold beer, kewl band

After seeing the show in Chicago, and having a day to get my head together, I headed up to Milwaukee to check out the gig again. Little did I know that row F was actually second row! I was right there, almost dead center.

First off all Dio is great. The band is super tight and they belted you with all the classics. Ronnie can still prance around and give you the 'devil sign' without missing a beat. Definitely a must see.

I missed much of the Scorpions again due to buying a bunch of Purple shirts, which are quite nice and loading up on cold beers. Be prepared to shell out $30 for each one you get. There was at least four or five different shirts per band.

Deep Purple were great once again. Their set was the same as before. The highlights of the show were Lazy and Ted The Mechanic.

It's hard to believe they can still have a good time jamming after all these years. Don Airey is a great replacement for Lord... I know he left me a smile from ear to ear.... Go check out the show.

Ray J Marschke

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