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Owner of a Gillan heart...?

Dio - excellent, complete surprise, they've retained their quality and Ronnie was awesome. Scorpions were OK. Now let's go deeper into this purple...

Deep Purple - I just came back from the concert to confirm the the keyboard player was not Jon Lord. It is a pity that Lord is not there but Don is pretty talented and showed his classical background. Good fit but I will wait for Lord. [Could be a long wait... Rasmus]

Ian Gillan was a good team player but I was little bit disappointed since he could not reach some of the notes and appeared to be making a lot of effort to sing in some parts. Even though I am a Glenn Hughes fan, I think Ian (which I respect a lot) still have a good opportunity to work on his voice, or change the tune. He also needs to change his outfit - all white new age has nothing to do with the golden past and present. Seems like he is ready to put his feet into a Caribbean beach resort at sunset. Unless he wants to sing with Yes... (just kidding).

Ian Paice excellent with the usual snare drum control and same power quality. I was glad to see the old Pearl kit with excellent sound. Roger was very good as usual. Steve was very relaxed (a piece of cake for him), looks like he can get bored easily since he seems to be under-utilized. Lots of talent here.

I am going to sleep well, I am happy even with these little picks. Could have been perfect with Child In Time with the beautiful moon over Missouri river... Don't miss the opportunity if you are a Purple fan. Rock'n'roll will never die.

Paulo Costa

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